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Chinese Sky Lanterns For Your Mexico Wedding

Decor & Details

~ Watch your dreams together take flight on your wedding night ~
Posted ImageThey say that we get what we put out to the universe right? So, on your wedding night why not have all of your guests join you on the beach to have your dreams for your new life together take flight over the Caribbean sea and into the starry night sky?

Chinese Sky lanterns have officially arrived in Mexico courtesy of Fresa Weddings Mexico. This popular trend made famous by a blushing bachelorette on ABC’s Hit show has now been made available for you and your I Do’s in Mexico. How exciting right?

Posted Image

Let us paint you a picture for you: As your guests dance barefoot at your oceanfront reception Team Fresa will quietly sneak away to light the candles of the lantern lined walkway on the beach leading to the location where the lanterns will take flight. Your guests are each handed a white paper lantern with a colorful marker and given instructions to write their wishes for the happy couple on the lantern. Everyone is gathered and taken down the illuminated pathway to the area where the lanterns are lit simultaneously and sent into the moonlit sky.

Sounds dreamy right? Well, this is just one more way to make your wedding day unique and memorable for your guests. The cost of the lanterns is very nominal and we think it is just the perfect ending to your perfect day!

Dream On Fresa's!
Posted Image Posted Image Please note use is based on Wind/Weather and Location.


make a vow to a god :happy every day!!!
OMG!!! Where and how do I get theses Chinese Sky Lanterns? We got engaged at Red Lantern, it would be perfect if I had them end of night for our wedding.
Val Filipkowski
Mar 11 2012 12:47 PM
I really wish this was an option in Jamaia :(
Mar 12 2012 09:24 AM
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea...deff wanna keep it in mind and I most ask my resort if we are allowed to have them anyway..I hope so fingers crossed :)
Hello ladies!!!!!!! Birdie!!! You can get them many places on line...Price is right and so easy to pack! Val: Have you asked if it is OK? And Gomezherrera: Let me know where you will be married and I can ask...??? If I can help in any way...Thats why I do what I do!!! Chat soon ladies:)
These are so cool! I wonder if my resort will allow them? Do most?
theres a deal on grouponlicious for these today $19 for 10 lanterns
Hola Megan! Which resort are you using? I can look into this for you if it is here in Mexico!
Mar 15 2012 12:23 AM
Hello Kristee!! I'm not sure yet I'm actually calling resorts today to see if I narrow my choices down.. But I will be getting marry in Punta Cana, if that helps..thanks
Mar 15 2012 07:28 AM
Hi Kristee, can you also check if we are allowed to do this at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Jamaica? Thanks so much!
Hello ladies... My wedding will be at Moon Palace in November and so far I was told that the resort does not allow lanterns, i am now trying to figure out if maybe I argue my way by saying Mexico overall allows it? HELP!
Hola Ladies!!! OK, so unfortunatly I am only currently aware of the rules and regulations here in Mexico. It is on a "Case By Case" basis. We were able to get most of our locations on board with this (Weather permitting) So, my best suggestion to you is to find someone, or fight your own fight on this topic! As for Jamaica and Punta Cana and even here Curly Bride at Moon Palace. Send Videos, show the important information that comes with each lantern proving its fire safety features etc...Just don't give up! Unfortunatly the way it usually goes is that if they haven't done it before then its an automatic "No"...But as I said, we were able to get most of our locations on board for this once we supplied them the proper information!
I really hope this helps ladies:)
Mar 15 2012 11:43 AM
wow, thats amazing where do i can find us I'm interested.
Hi Kristee,
We are getting married at Now Jade in June 2013. Do you know if the resort has approved these?
Mar 15 2012 02:52 PM
Hi Kristee,
We are getting married at the Iberostar Grand, do you know if this resort has approved the chinese Lanterns?
getting married at dreams los cabos do they allow these?
Hello again ladies!!!! Unfortunatly I do not work with the All Inclusive hotels, we do smaller hotels and beach clubs here in the area! I would just tell you that you can ask your wedding planners at your resorts...And let them know that there are places in the Riviera Maya that have approved them! Send video etc as well!!!!!!! Please keep me posted on what they say ladies as I would like to keep everyone informed too!!!
Happy Panning!
Thanks Kristee!
Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing Kristee!
Your soooo Welcome ladies!!! I sure hope you all have some luck with getting your planners to approve these perfect little wedding night finales on your days!
I am getting married at El Dorado Royale and they will not allow them. I am so bummed becuase these seem like a beautiful way to start your journey together.
At this time I am not directly dealing with the on site wedding planner but once i am in contact with her I will try my hardest to get it approved.. The palace resorts main office in miami says its a definite no but we shall see..... Kristee i was wondering if you know what would happen if I bring them with me anyways and we just try to do it on our own.. is there a fine? do they just make you stop?????
Hello there ladies!!! The only thing I can suggest then is to bring them with you and show them to the wedding planner...I would NOT recommend just doing it as the fines can be very hefty!!! Would hate to see anyone getting into trouble! Not a bad Idea though to bring them with you and just give a little demo of how safe they are!!!
I just got in touch with Grand Palladium Riviera Maya and they do not allow sky lanterns because of the risk of danger to the surrounding wildlife and ecossytem and the palapas roofs!
Does anyone know if the Barcelo Maya Palace allows them?

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