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Great Wedding -- but be vary of the details!


Pros: Venue options, catering, flowers, coordinators (when you get the good ones)

Cons: Be wary of the costs associated and not associated (they can be a little misleading), stay on top of the coordinator for what you've requested

Hi everyone! My name is Goldie and my husband and I got married at Barcelo Maya - Palace in May 2016 after what seemed like ages of planning (in reality we started roughly planning Aug - Sept 2015). I wanted to finally sit down and write down all my thoughts and rants to this site as it helped ease the stress of planning a wedding thousands of miles away. As most people have stated here -- don't worry, your wedding will be beautiful and just remember to take it all in :) Overall we loved our experience and the wedding as a whole, but wanted to take the time to list out a few things I wish we were told before/during the planning process.   We had always known we'd wanted to do a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya area and had attended a wedding at Palace Resorts in Cancun. As my husband is Hindu and I'm Catholic we wanted to ensure whichever location we chose could handle a dual ceremony. We finally picked Barcelo compared to other resorts (and it's an exhaustive list -- they're so many!) as they had listed extensive experience with South Asian weddings, the price per guest for an all-inclusive was less than what we had spent to stay at Palace Resorts, and the beaches a... (read more)