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Worth the extra $$

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Pros: Organization the day of the wedding, no meeting beforehand, cold fireworks, balloons, masks for guests, played dances and speeches in order with no problems, music was fun and upbeat and everyone danced all night!!

Cons: Response time before the wedding with emails, some songs weren't played from our request list and I wish I would have been told beforehand

I hired DJ Doremixx based on reviews from this website. Of course I was sketched out at first because I was hiring a DJ from another country and had no idea what to expect. There was some lag in communication before we arrived in Mexico, which made me nervous, I'm used to responses right away. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the services that were provided the day of the wedding. He was set up and ready to go when we got to the reception, I didn't even know they were there, which was a plus with the 100s of other things going on. We didn't even need to meet beforehand, which again was a plus with everything else going on. The dances and songs that we requested were perfect and there were even some extras like cold fireworks, balloons, and masks that I wasn't expecting. The pictures are priceless. Everyone had a blast and it was totally worth the extra money instead of going with the resort DJ. (read more)