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disappointed and I Need some idea's and supportive words

01 October 2012 - 03:30 PM

Hey Ladies,


I don't usually post a new thread, but I'm super sad right now!!


I had my decor all planned out, and purchased - my wedding is only 2 months away now.   So my plan was to use Balloons filled with helium (like those really large round balloons) as centerpeices, they would be kinda floating about 3 feet above the tables...so I emailed the resort back in May - they said oh yes, we can blow up the balloons with helium.  So I went ahead and special ordered the balloons, made these luminary bags to attach them to (to keep them from floating away), bought the twine and was just really excited about it.

Today the WC replied to an email of mine from last week in which I was just reconfirming details, and she said we don't have helium, but we can still blow up your balloons...but that means they wont float!  WTF!! 




I know, I know, everyone says it'll still be nice without the balloons, but I'm gutted about it.


I originally wanted the chinese lanterns but they told me they can't do those because they have no where to hang them (hence balloons).


What should I do?  Just use the luminaries and forget about it?  


I might try to make something like these garlands, but they still need to be hung, and if they have nowhere to hang things, that's a problem.



I just really didn't want my wedding to be cookie cutter and boring..


Soooo sad.


Wedding dress stress!!!! venting big time!

05 June 2012 - 03:18 PM

Hey Ladies,


I'm not often a thread starter, I normally just pipe in when something hit's home..but today I'm having issue's.


My FI and I are from different parts of the country, we live in Alberta where I was born and raised, and he's from PEI so all his friends and family are still there!    So in Alberta we have tons of wedding boutiques, and I would have been more than able to buy a dress here with a local shop, however one of Josh's good friends (We'll call her J) has a bridal boutique in his hometown and we had visited last Christmas, so I purchased my dress to be ordered through her.  I was trying to be supportive, and I understand small business can be tough, so if anyone got my business I wanted it to be her.


So I ordered my dress (a fairly common one sold by at least 4 stores here in Edmonton), December 28, 2011.   At that time she told me the ship date was May 15 and it would go back to her store, then when she recieved it I could either pick it up when we are back there in August, or she could ship it to me at home.    So I was thinking that would be fine.   Also, I had been saving and had the money in the bank, so I paid for the dress with Debit instead of credit card.   Mistake #1!!!  Ladies, use your credit card, I'm learning this the hard way!


Then in March her bridal boutique goes under...so now I've paid her in full for a dress that hasn't arrived yet.    She emailed me and said the dress was ordered and would still be shipping out May 15 as per our original discussion at her store in December.    So I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt and wait it out.


Now May 15 comes along, and I'm really excited so I emailed her again and asked her for the tracking info so I can monitor my dresses progress.   She replies:

Dress is on route to me and then we can make arrangments to ship to your mothers..

The company will not ship out west I tryed..J


So I replied with:  Ok Cool, can you send me the tracking number, and do you know when it'll arrive?


She replies:   Should be in my hand within 10 business days.   J


So I waited, and 10 business days put us to May 29.    Now on May 30 I emailed her again, and said that 10 days had passed, can she give me an update and the tracking number. 


Nothing.  So I facebooked her on June 2 (she had been on facebook posting and liking and commenting so I knew she was online).  Nothing


In the meantime Josh had texted her asking for her mailing address so we can send her an invitation (we were sending them all at this time, just coincidence), she didn't reply to him either, therefore she hasn't been sent an invitation yet.


So Sunday we were having a family dinner with my family, and everyone starting asking about my dress, and everyone was pretty concerned.  Josh stayed pretty quiet through this whole convo..and eventually my Brother in Law asked Josh directly, are you going to call J and find out about the dress?  And Josh got pretty upset saying it was his friend, and we were all acting like she's a crook, and no he wont phone her on her personal number when it's business related (remember the business went under, we don't exactly have another option)...so I just told everyone to leave it alone and I'de try again this week reaching her.   When we were driving home I reminded Josh that I'm the one he has to live with the rest of his life so if he's on anyone's side, it's mine.  But I understand it's an awkward situation for him too.


So Today she replied to my email from last week, and this is what she said:




There is no reason to panic..the dress is fine..the estimate ship date was May 15,2012..I just emailed the company again..I will have an answer for you tomorrow at the latest..I ensure that you will have your dress just like all the other brides and bridesmaids that have been receiving there's in the last few weeks..I have faith that all is well and I will email you back tomorrow..I just opened my email , I was camping with the family and I am so sorry..I do not check this everyday..


Talk tomorrow..J


So I replied saying, ok I didn't realize May 15 was an estimate, can you give me the tracking number.   No reply.


So seriously..at this point I have almost exactly 6 months to my wedding and that's getting late to be ordering a new dress....so I've taken a poll here with my ladies at work and they say give her 1 more week and if she doesn't have it by then, I need to get nasty.


So what do you guys think?   Am I better to just wait and see, or start being a bit tougher on her right now??  I'm getting panicky!! HELP!

Carrying brooch bouquet

07 May 2012 - 06:16 AM

Hey ladies! I have fallen in love with brooch bouquet's, and I am ready to order one off etsy, but before I do I need to know if I can carry it on the plane!! I am worried that the pins will cause issue for security. Have any of you carried brooch bouquet's on for your weddings yet?? Thanks! Let me know! L

Shipping things to Cuba

20 March 2012 - 07:06 PM

Hey ladies! Just curious if any of you have tried shipping things to Cuba before the wedding? Just wondering if it's possible or if I should just carry it all. Any insight would be FAB! Thanks, L