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16 August 2011 - 04:51 AM



Are any of you ladies getting or being married at the Moon Palace?

Ive joined the Moon Palace 2012 thread but dont think anyone is from the uk.



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16 August 2011 - 04:43 AM



Thanks for all the info regarding complimentary and diamond... I think its definately made my mind up to go for the complimentary and add a few things on.  It will work out cheaper and be more customised to us and what we want :-) so thanks for that.


It looks like its going to be quite a small wedding and a big AHR. 



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12 August 2011 - 04:53 AM

Thanks :-) It wont let me open it via PM so ive sent you my private addy.


Well my parents are fine with what ever we do... they have told us its our day and we have to do what we want.  His parents on the other hand are the opposite nothing like my parents and dont even bother with him most of the time so not sure why they want to stick their nose in. It will be quite expensive for family n friends to come over from the UK so im only expecting our parents, my little sister, my grandparents and maybe about 4 close friends but to us that is fine...although there are a few more people i'd like to be there i understand they can't make it! So from now on its our day and we are doing what we want.


I wish you could get everything sorted much sooner its driving me insane just waiting around.  I want to get started on Save the Dates etc.




Originally Posted by mrsjdh2b View Post

Hi Mellisay123


I can definitely send you the other stuff I got from Lizzie, it just says what you get with the comp package and then the private events stuff. Basically shows pictures of where you could have a reception/cocktail hour and what decorations they offer. These are the "extras" that you can pay for. But I'll let you know when I get the other stuff.


As far as getting flack from family or friends about having a wedding in Mexico, we did at first. People were concerned about the costs. When we broke it down for them that for around $2200/couple they could have a 5 night vacation with all the food, drinks both alcoholic and non, plus the resort credit people stopped grumbling. There are still a few "good" friends that are moaning but I just told them if they couldn't afford to make it then it was fine we understand and they could attend the AHR later. (Granted these few people are the types that won't commit to saving any money and complain every month they are broke but still come to work wearing a new outfit to work every Monday.) So I have just decided to stick to saying that when these individuals complain. My FMIL and FFIL were both disappointed that we weren't getting married in a church and there were several harsh comments made to us about it. But my response was it's our wedding and what closer way to be with God than to be out in the world that he created. Ha!  We also explained to our families that this was our wedding and this was what we wanted. My FI's brother married a couple of months ago and they had a huge wedding. The bride was meeting people for the first time in her wedding dress due to his parents inviting so many people. We didn't want that. For us this special/intimate day is to be spent with people that have supported us in our "dating" relationship and will continue in our marriage, not people that our parents do business with or that are there just to enjoy a party. This is easily resolved with a destination wedding because really all the people that will come are ones that truly want to be there to celebrate our special day with us.


Just remember it's for you and your future hubby not for everyone else. This should be day just for you guys and what you want. Hopefully it gets better for you!



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11 August 2011 - 02:35 AM

Hi Mrsjdh2b


Could you send me the lists i will pm my email addy thanks :-)


I dont like the colours on the other packages but diamond seems to suit me but not sure whether it would be cheaper to do comp then add some if the things i like on!


Have any of you had pressure to have an at home wedding from Family members? Future MI trying to bribe us with this and doesnt seem to realise its a big day and we have picked mexico because its what we want nothing to do with money or anything else! So annoyed! Ha



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08 August 2011 - 04:52 AM

Hello Moon Palace Ladies :-)


Hopefully going to be a moon palace bride Nov 2012 Wooooooooo.


Pretty much decided on Cancun since getting engaged in Lapland but picking a hotel has proved very confusing far too much choice finally decided that I love the wedding packages at the palace suits me best!


My Fiance and I are just waiting for the holidays to be released in the UK to be able to book! So annoying when you just want it booked.


Then the next step is which package...comp and add on or diamond! Hmmm


Mellisa :-)