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In Topic: planning a february 2011 wedding at the now sapphire riviera cancun

24 September 2010 - 12:27 PM

My wedding planner might have the wedding book for the Sapphire but I know that I don't. I know that the Sapphire has a lot of different options for the reception and I didn't really pay attention to how many locations it has for the ceremony because I wanted the ceremony on the beach. I know that if it rains, then the ceremony is in the gazebo.


I chose the Sapphire over the Jade because I liked that it looks more like a resort than an upgraded and updated hotel. The Sapphire, to me, looks more like you're in another country with the architecture and the design and layout. A lot of hotels have been updated and are more modern, but that wasn't necessarily what I was looking for. I like the "Spanish" feels that the pictures for the Sapphire gave me. I looked at a ton of resorts and I just kept going back to this one. And after doing a site visit earlier this month, I am sooo glad that I am getting married at the Sapphire!

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I'd be interested in this information, too. Plus, could anyone explain the differenes between Now Sapphire and Now Jade??



In Topic: planning a february 2011 wedding at the now sapphire riviera cancun

24 September 2010 - 12:19 PM

Ok so i am even super slow on the save the dates! we got engaged in june and then we were all decided on get getting married in the caribbean until we recently it would be a lot more expensive for not as nice of a place, so we picked mexico in july and finally picked the save the dates and got them ordered but we had a printing issue...and well, they still haven't been sent. oops! good thing most people know when it is and that's it's in mexico! website is up and running and we are planning on such a small wedding that i think all of the guests will be booked before the end of october anyway (before invitations are even sent probably) so oh well. save the dates are probably not even smart or practical at this point but the money has been spent and we like the picture on them, so it'll be a keepsake! haha. i do have to make a correction- our wedding planner is here in dallas actually! still keeps me sane though! oh and i love the royal blue and green color combo! we almost had the same colors too! we went with green and a coral (more of an orange than a pink coral though). green is my favorite so i think most of the stuff will be green with random orange thrown in for fun (like the flowers). our planner is currently coming up with decorations and theme stuff so i have no idea where that whole idea is going...but hopefully not too much of a beach theme. i love a destination beach wedding but i am not an over the top theme kind of person! as far as chairs...i think the tiffany chairs for the ceremony, no clue what the reception will look like, orange and white flowers (they have a TON of different lilies in Mexico that smell wonderful, no roses for me), and centerpieces- well no clue there either. there are some things i just really know nothing about and decorations are part of that! so hopefully my planner is going to just give me a few options to choose from! the only thing i am particular about are flowers! are you in contact with sandra or daniela at the resort for the planning? they have soooo many pics they can send you! when i was there i did see some chair bows and i have to saw the organza look nicer than taffeta, just my two cents that really mean nothing though! :-)


ok so i've been trying to figure out where the beach terrace is....any ideas? are our receptions going to be like right next to each other? haha. did you figure out what you're going to do about photography?

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i sent out save the dates and created a wedding website so that our guests can get a head start on planning if they could come or not, i know its hard to ask a lot of people to travel so we just tried to give them as much time as possible to plan out and decide of they can come.  there are still a bunch who want to go but haven't booked yet, but the longer they wait the more expensive it will be (esp. for airfare), we have a room rate but its only good for a certain amout of time, so i guess we will see what happens once the invitations go out.  i still have to pick invitations but i have narrowed it down to a few.  that is awesome that you have a wedding planner there!!  i'm sure that is super helpful.  i haven't actually put any of the out of town bags together yet, ha! but i have a list of things that i plan on putting them in and i know the actual bags that i'm going to use. 5 months seems so far, but you are right it is going to fly! especially with the holidays in between!   as for my colors, the girls are wearing kind of a bright royal blue color, so that and greens are the color scheme i am going with.  i havent really decided on favors or anything like that, it might be something beachy but i'm not going super beachy with the theme. 


have you decided on chair bows and flowers and centerpieces and stuff? 


In Topic: planning a february 2011 wedding at the now sapphire riviera cancun

21 September 2010 - 09:58 AM

Well that's good that you have people on top of booking even though you haven't sent out invites yet! I haven't sent out the invitations but I have a feeling that people won't even consider booking until then...and it'll be so expensive by then! We have a block of rooms booked for those that we know for sure are coming, so I guess everyone else will just be on their own! I think we will probably be sending out invitations sometime next month, but I haven't even decided on that yet. I actually have a wedding planner here that is doing a lot of the details for me and keeping me on a schedule but I know what you mean. I still feel like there is so much that should be done now even though maybe it doesn't need to be! I have my dress too...but no bridesmaid dresses yet since one is preggers and due next month! Good for you on getting those welcome bags together...I have a feeling those will be very last minute for me! 5 months seems sooo far away but I bet it'll fly by!


What are you doing for your colors? Are you having a really beach-y theme?

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we actually haven't done a site visit! we wanted to but with work and everything we just couldnt find the time off, our best friends went on their honeymoon there so they actually told us about the place (at the time it was the paradisus) but they loved everything about it.  i'm so glad to hear that you guys loved it as well! so far we have about 34 people booked including the two of us with more people booking, so i am not exactly sure how many people will end up coming, if i had to guess i'd say maybe around 50 or so (if everyone who says they are going books) i haven't told anyone a deadline yet for reservations, i actually haven't even thought about that! ha!  when are you sending out your invitaitons, i feel like i need to get them out fairly soon since it is a destination... i feel like i should be doing more planning but i guess everyone says the details are planned out more towards the date. i have my dress already and bridesmaid dresses, and i'm working on some decorations and getting the out of town bags together... we have 5 months to go! :)



In Topic: El Dorado Maroma

21 September 2010 - 09:27 AM

I am looking at honeymoon options for February and El Dorado Maroma is on the top of my list. I saw that you got a chance to see the honeymoon suite. Any chance you took any pictures?! What floor was it on? I love the idea of being able to just walk right out onto the beach and from the pictures on the website, it doesn't look like you can do that with the honeymoon suite, but if it's just that wonderful (and it's available during our honeymoon!), not sure why we would pass it up! Thoughts?!



Originally Posted by LoveyDovey View Post

Hello Girls!


I just got back from a trip to EDR


had a site visit at El Dorado Maroma- which we almost cancelled bc we originally went down there to see AS and EDR but our TA said we MUST see Maroma


and thank god we did!


ladies the place is absolutely gorgeous!!!!  the staff there treated us like king and queen!  they showed us around the entire property... saw 3 types of rooms, including honeymoon suite which is to die for!


fed us appetizers, drinks, champagne. so so so nice and helpful.


the hotel is just perfect for a wedding, small and intimate with super attentive staff.  they only hold one wedding a day and they seem like they will be very accommodating to your needs/wants for the wedding day. I feel like AS and EDR are so big that we might get lost in the shuffle, if you know what i mean?  I felt like we would just be another wedding to them, they were nowhere near as accommodating or helpful as Maroma.  To be honest EDR didnt really even want to be bothered with showing us around the property for wedding locations, I had to begggg the lady to just show me reception options! meanwhile there were 3 women in the office sitting around doing nothing.


at Maroma, the hotel itself is small enough that I felt like your wedding would really stand out and it would be impossible for the staff to not be super attentive.


FH & I are still deciding if we want to jump in on the destination wedding idea, but if we do, it will definitely be at Maroma...I have pics too but will need some time to upload them.


any questions, just ask!

In Topic: photography??? use the resorts or hire your own??? help!

20 September 2010 - 10:11 AM

I am not using the photographer at the resort. I hired Samuel Luna, a local photographer. Sandra and Daniela can recommend some great photographers (that's what they said when I met them a couple of weeks ago- hopefully not just friends but actual great and reputable photographers!). And since we aren't using the resort photographer but he was included in the Divine wedding package, we are able to add on to the videographer's services. I am sure that you could do the same, depending on what wedding package you have purchased. Just thought I'd let you know!