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24 January 2010 - 06:10 PM

Originally Posted by CowtownBride2B View Post
To all you Coba girls - did the coordinators give you an option besides the jacuzzi area for a private cocktail reception? I asked the coordinator, she replied and answered my other question but ignored the one about other location options. My concern about the jacuzzis is that there isn't really a good set up there, but it's so hard to tell from the pics Karla sent me. So for that matter anyone have any good photos of a private cocktail receptiona at Coba? Thanks so much!

I had the same concern as you...so we ended up having our reception at the "quiet" Coba pool. We had been there 2 years before our wedding so I pre-arranged this location before we got there. I had seen both locations in the past and just knew that the jacuzzi pools didn't have the space that the quiet pool did...and it was in a bit of an odd shape to make it functionable for the size of our group and the setup space that the DJ would need. In my opinion...what we chose was perfect! We had 40+ people so there was more than enough room for tables and dancing in front of the DJ as well as a cake table. It was also right next to the bar for drinks...and the kids had a great time playing on the hammocks right next to everything. We also took a dip in the pool towards the end of the night because it was SO HOT!! Myself included...wedding dress and all...heehee :)

Another thing that made it even better was that our entire group was staying in villas 22-23-24-25-26 and these are the villas that surrounded the quiet pool which made everything really convenient. Ohhh...and another thing that was quite handy was the snack bar being right across the bridge from the reception. We went with the cheapest cocktails...so if people were drinking hard liquor (rye, rum, vodka)...they could just run over to the bartender at the snack bar...although the bartender did sneak us a bottle of Jagermeister :)

In Topic: Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!

30 November 2009 - 05:44 PM

Originally Posted by Raykel View Post
Thanks Keira. That is the only part I am still confused about...I know a couple of people who told me they just left their marriage certificates in Spanish, dropped them off at AMA and voila. Another friend who just got married in the Mayan last year said that they had to get the marriage certified in Mexico and then translated and registered somehow here...it was so much hoopla they decided to do the legal marriage here and vow renewel there.
Just getting the whole thing done at once like you are sounds so much easier!
Originally Posted by TeNeil View Post
I too am confused about the cost and lagalities involved with the wedding certificate coming from Mexico. A friend of mine was married in Mexico last year and says that technically she isn't married in Canada because they haven't paid some other fee that is required in canada? Makes no sense to me.... I guess I better go to city hall and get this figured out.
I may be able to help you ladies from Alberta out with this dilemna because I have just been dealing with all of this over the last month.

I did not have to do any extra work or spend any extra money to get everything "legalized" here. I chose to bring everything (official marriage certificate) back home with me so I could have it translated and certified here.

Before I went to all of the trouble to translate...I thought I would just bring it in to the motor vehichle / registry branch to see what they would say. It turns out that they see so many Mexican marriage certificates and as long as they can make out the location of the wedding (Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico)...we were good to go!! I was so impressed!!

The first step for me was the name change on my drivers licence and my vehicle registration. One tip that I found out AFTER I did this at one business...is that if you are an AMA member...they will do this all for free. I wish I would have known before I paid for it.

Now that I have recieved my new drivers licence...I can go ahead and start changing everything else. Some places just need a verbal change...others need a copy of the licence and marriage certificate.

The only thing that has been even a bit difficult is doing a land title name change. We owned our house before we got married so the land title is in my maiden name. This process has me filling out a form, having it signed by a notary public (free for AMA members), and sending it all along with my original marriage certificate (yikes!) to Edmonton, AB for them to be able to do this change. Unfortunately I cannot change my home insurance information until the land title is changed and states my new name.

I must say that it has been much easier and certainly cheaper than I thought it would be :)

As far as "legalization" goes...the way that I think about it and rationalize it...is that if you and and your husband lived in Australia and were married in Australia...and then you moved to Canada...you're still "legally" married...and your marriage certificate is still not a Canadian marriage certificate. I believe that the certificate is the thing that makes your marriage legal...no matter what country your marriage took place in. That's just my own logic to the whole deal...

TeNeil...I haven't heard anything about a "fee" to make things "legal" here...seems odd but I am curious...

Hope this helps everyone out :)

In Topic: FMIL walking FI down the aisle??

24 November 2009 - 04:15 AM

We started off our processional with my husband :) walking both his Mom and my Mom down the aisle...one on each side of him. We wanted our Mom's to feel special and thought it was a nice touch. After that, then came the rest of the bridal party and then me with my Dad. It's really a personal choice and whatever you're comfortable with...no "rules" with destination weddings :)

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06 November 2009 - 03:48 AM

CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Wedding Day Keira!!!!! I hope you are having an amazing day and a great time in Mexico :)

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05 November 2009 - 03:29 AM

I went with Shutterfly...
I love it!!