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awesome coordination service


Pros: Awesome

Cons: NADA

Leanne was thorough through the entire planning process and was always available for pre wedding phone calls or meetings to discuss details with us.  She provided recommendations to our clients as well as personally made sure the day unfolded without a snag.   After all our experience with her, we highly recommend her to all of our clients as an option for the wedding coordinator.     She planned the event to happen at 2 locations actually (ceremony at one Secret Jewel) and the reception at Casa del Secreto.   I love these locations at Playa del Secreto (this is where Sol and I got married)...  great choices Leanne!  Thank you for supporting our clients with your professionalism through the wedding process!   Recently, she has grown and added an associate (Maju) to help her offer her services to clients.  Leanne is American, originally from Texas so communication with her is CRYSTAL.  Her Spanish is perfect.   She has been living / traveling throughout the Riviera Maya for almost 7 years and knows almost everybody!   Here is a link to the slideshow from Rachel & Victor's wedding... (read more)

Awesome product


Pros: all

Cons: none

We actually ordered some custom sets from Chelsea.    What is amazing is that we are able to be each others clients... it was our pleasure to photograph her wedding at Excellence Riviera Cancun in 2010.    We have had so many clients asking us where these come from so we decided to offer them to a few of our TTD / Boudoir clients.   Photos coming soon...   She was a pleasure to deal with and the product was as described.  OH, what I loved is that she will work with you to actually customize something... super specific to your needs.     Thanks Chelsea! (read more)

Awesome Artist


Pros: Beautiful work, awesome personality and amazing beauty!

Cons: NADA

I wanted to say that Sara has been a very solid choice for our clients who in the past, all asked for a professional and got amazing service.    She is prompt and to this point, has pleased every one of our clients!   Sara's website is http://www.saratamargo.com/ Here are a few shots of her in action:       Recently, one of our clients made mention of Sara in one of the reviews.  Jennifer Onik's wedding slideshow from paradisus Riviera:   Jennifer Onik "I just want to thank everyone at del sol photography for the beautiful pictures that were captured on my wedding day. I explained to Matt what I envisioned on my wedding day and he took the time to ask questions and inquire about Keith and I as a couple. We used Vincent as our photographer who was so energetic and excited about capturing pictures on our wedding day. We had the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen in my life in riviera maya, and let me tell you, those pictures I will cherish for the rest of my life. I do have to give credit to Sol's sister Sara, who did my makeup that day and she did not let me, nor my wedding party down. Thanks again, I cant say enou... (read more)

del Sol photography Zoetry de la bonita | Site Visit


Pros: ALL

http://www.zoetryresorts.com/Paraiso/endless-privileges.html    We didn't spend too much time in the room shooting photos as we were eager to go outside and see the beauty this amazing property has to offer.   So, we spent the two nights and three days there just shooting our hearts out.   As wedding photographers, we naturally investigate each and every property and with camera in hand, shoot just about everything we lay our eyes on.  This helps us showcase the property and also gives us and our clients an idea of what to see virtually when they are planning the wedding from thousands of miles away.   After all, when I travel to an unknown region, the photo research on potential wedding properties is GOLDEN. These photos will give you a window into our personal vacation at Zoetry and the sites to be seen.... Get ready to drool, this property will blow your mind.... Our Room.... This was a short walk from the lobby north up the beach, up a flight of stairs.  The name of the room escapes me, it seems that all the rooms are named The room is classified by Zoetry's website as:OCEAN FRONT ONE BEDROOM SUITE with terrace (Upper Level):1130 sq-ft / 105 sq-mts Before I get into t... (read more)

del Sol Photography Honeymoon Location

A Review On:


Pros: amazing ,incredible, biology wow factor big time.

Cons: nada

Ok, here is my take on Costa Rica.  We traveled there in the first few weeks of August, considered HIGH SEASON FOR RAIN.   First, we made video documentary of our entire experience, so you can follow along with how amazing what we saw was all about :) We were there for 16 days and covered quite a bit of the country, but there are TONS of places we didn't get to visit, but those that we did get to see...totally awesome.   We flew Delta one way from Atlanta GA to San Jose.  We stayed one night there before the adventure began.  There is a small airport where we puddle jumped on a 30 or 45 minute flight south to the Osa Peninsula. We stayed here for 4 nights and extended our stay for 2 more  nights, being blown away by a place that National Geographic labels "one of the most biological diverse / intense locations on the planet" We went on both tours to the Corcovado park....  The video documents ALL of it.   Mind blowing WOW!   Loved staying at the aguila de osa inn!   Morning meals before the big day of lots of hiking.  late afternoon rainfall dinners.  SO YUM!   Aguila de Osa Tours: (we did both corcovado tours)http://www.aguiladeosainn.com/tours/corcovado/index.h... (read more)