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Pashminas (hopefully the last thread!)

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Georgiabeauty - I can't recall if I responded to your PM or not, but yes, I did receive your payment.


Everyone has paid, except for Tami, but I haven't seen her online in a while with her new job and all, and her PM box is full. It is a very small amount, so I am not very concerned about it.


Thank you all for your prompt payment!


Trisha - YAYYYYYYY, it's here! That is awesome! I hope that everything is included in this shipment, please, please, please, let them not have made any errors.

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Originally Posted by Tlseege View Post
According to FED EX, the package was delivered at my house this morning!!! Yippee!!!
I'll sort through it tonight and make sure nothing is missing and Rachel, I will send yours out first thing tomorrow!
Holy moly! I can't believe it's working out. Woohoo. Thanks so much!

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That is so great--I will also cross fingers for the whole order to be complete.


Sidenote:Tami you should just quit your job and focus on our needs for oncesmile120.gif

become a 24/7 BDW member.

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