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Newbie-destination jamaica

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My name is Erin and I am from Michigan. My Fiance and I have just started looking at destination weddings in Jamaica and we are planning to wed the 2nd weekend of october (Oct 11, 200cool.gif.

I have been researching Beaches negril and Breezes runaway bay for wedding locations. Im thinking about 20-30 people come to the wedding. I dont think there will be any children there but I dont want to go to a couple only resort because alot of our friends are single and looking to mingle. Our group likes to party (to say the least) but there is also the parents factor so I want somewhere big enough that we can make a quick escape if we need to.

I like resorts with a bunch of activities and boating and that sort of thing. We are pretty active and I am bored easily. I really want to do the bob marley tours and see some live bands while im in jamaica.


So Im hoping to get a few ideas on here and find out exactly what we are getting ourselves intowink.gif At any rate, destination weddings seem alot less stressful and I am all about chilling out and laying out on my wedding day.


Look forward to any and all advice/ posts about jamaica I need all the help I can get! Im clueless about weddings.


Erin :)

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Congrats Erin!


I'm getting married at Riu Ocho Rios in Jamaica so I'm not too familiar with Beaches. You should check out the Jamaica board cuz there is a ton of info.


Happy planning!!

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