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Bridal Shower Guest List Etiquette

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So, my extended family (aunts, great aunts, blah blah blah) have been asking my Mo if there is going to be a shower for me at home (DC/MD area).


So, Mom called yesterday and asked if I could fly up one weekend. Turns out there are great prices on AirTran, so I was able to book a flight.


So, they are going to do a little shower and I still have a few friends in the area who can come too.


But FMIL asked that all of her friends/family from the NY/NJ area who are on our DW/AHR guest list to be invited too. Is this normal protocol? FMIL won't be able to make this shower (they retired to Hilton Head SC) and she says no one will probably come anyway.


It just seems weird to have my family invite all these people who they don't know -- but maybe this is normal? I guess it's different since neither of us live near our families anymore and so he hasn't met my extended family and mine have yet to meet his.

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tami, i personally think thats kinda weird... FMIL's friends threw me a separate shower than the one my sister (MOH) and aunt will be throwing me in june. and even though they live in mexico, they actually have some friends here in chicago too. IMHO, i think its slightly presumptuous of your FMIL to ask YOU to add her friends to the guest list for a shower that your family is throwing. if you're comfortable with it, then anything goes, but i would personally feel weird about it.

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