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Barefoot Sandals Anyone??

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Originally Posted by Jenn View Post
I was going to buy these, but the ones I loved were from Beach Bride Jewelry - Beautiful finishing touches for your wedding in the sand and they were way too expensive. I decided to scratch the idea and just go barefoot and then have nice shoes for the wedding. They are gorgeous though!
I just found this site, and they have some beautiful stuff. FI just gave me the green light to spend more on my bridal jewelry, so I may end up splurging for outer banks line for all my jewelry. I just order some samples, so I see what I think after I get those.

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I love barefoot sandals. Planning to buy them for my bm's and also wear a pear myself if I can find/have made some with ivory faux pearls.


I know Island Importer.com has them, and they aren't expensive there. I've seen them all over the net, prices ranging from $70 a pair to $25 a pair. They aren't hard to find at all.

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