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Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas

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Originally Posted by abbygirl View Post
Hello!!! I am also thinking about having our wedding at the Riu Palace Los Cabos. The resort itself is beautiful :) I guess the WC is a bit unorganized...I know someone that got married there within the past month. Overall, the wedding was great...this is what the bride said.
That is good to hear that the overall wedding was good. Any suggestions on how to deal with the WC? I havent actually talked to her yet. I have only spoke with the Sales WC to set all of the wedding ceremony details. Now our travel agent is booking a block of rooms, etc. So I dont think I will have to talkt to Daniela for awhile. Our wedding is September 27, 2008! So any info you have or pics would be great.

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Originally Posted by VariaStudio View Post

I think Riu Palace is a great choice.
I was there in December and everything was great.
I just posted some pictures on Cabo forum.
Let me know if you have any questions.
The pics are great!! I am so glad to hear you really like Riu. I have been getting mixed reviews. Do you know if the bride had any problems with the WC?

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When we arrived to Riu Palace - the bride asked me to come with her to see Daniela (wedding coordinator).


We discussed all the things together.

The bride was deciding between the gazebo or the beach ceremony and she chose the gazebo, since the beach was not that private (they have horses down at the beach).

Daniela also showed us the book of different types of flowers to choose from.

The bride asked for the private reception at the San Jose restaurant and wanted a T set up for the tables. She gave Daniela the name tags and favors to put on the tables.

We asked to set up the champagne toast after the ceremony on the beach,

so I can take a group shot form the above (I stayed up at the gazebo).

The only thing the bride said to me that there was no need to do an upgrade for the cake ( the cake is for 10 people I believe and she had 25), since the restaurant has a buffet for desserts.

As far as I can see Daniela did a good job organizing everything and all the things we are done the way the bride and groom asked.

I have another wedding there in April and I will share the info again :)

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