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Originally Posted by becks View Post
Hello Ladies:

It was a quiet day at work and several of you asked for the template I used to do my passport-style STDs. So I've cleaned it up and its attached. It's in PowerPoint, because I find it easier to work in when I'm moving text and images all over the place.

You can see images of the mock up of mine at:

Some general hints:

1. Print the first two pages on cardstock, double sided
2. Print the last two pages on regular paper, double sided
3. Before you print, delete the outline (box) from pages 2 & 4 - that way when you cut from the front, you won't have any "missed lines" on the back. But I left the outlines there so you could see it when you were editing.
4. On pages 3 & 4 (which end up being the inside pages), the outlines are a teeny bit narrower than pages 1 & 2, because otherwise when you fold it the pages stick out a bit.
5. Cut the straight lines first, then staple them down the middle (there's a very faint line down the cover - staple ends to the inside)
6. After you've stapled them, then fold them, then cut (or punch) the corners so they all match.

Fonts that I used (all available from dafonts.com):
1. Passions Conflict (the swirly one)
2. PR Compass Rose (to make the compass rose over the photo)
3. Artistamp Medium (to make the passport stamps)
4. Stampede (to make the passport stamps)
5. Rub This! (to make the passport stamps)

All of the other fonts (arial, tahoma, lucida sans typewriter, antique olive) should be standard on your computers.

A note on the passport stamps - all of the ones on the last page are pasted as enhanced metafile pictures - it makes the file smaller and the images easier to size, rotate, etc. I've included the separate file that has the full text of the stamps so you can edit what I have, and then paste in on your own. The stamp on the inside page is editable in the main file.

If you struggle with anything, I'd be delighted to help in any way I can. Just PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
BTW I love the way they came out!!! I don't know if I can do mine to look as good as yours but I will give it a whirl.

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Sent you some...


Originally Posted by LadyCheese View Post
Can anyone send me points? sad.gif


I cant open either template. What are these points anyhow?



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