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Changing Location???

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Weeellll, I have to say to say I am VERY confused.


I have finally found a travel agent that I like and we were discussing possible locations (originally wanted to go to Sandals Dunn's River or Sandals Negril). She said she didn't want to say anything to change my mind but since we may end up having a few guests that are not "couples", she asked if we would be open to a different resort.


I guess I am open to a different place but now here comes the big question... WHERE?


So, she brought up the names Iberostar Rose Hall and Gran Bahia Principe. After looking at all the great info on BDW, I thought that I could not rule ROR.


Does anybody know anything about Iberostar Rose Hall and Gran Bahia Principe? I don't really know what to do...feedback.gif

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My advice would be to read reviews on Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, vacation and travel packages - TripAdvisor. I know the Gran Bahia Principe had a rough start up, but I think it will be a nice resort once they work out their opening kinks, and I've seen a picture of the gazebo on the ocean they use for weddings and it is STUNNING!

My future parents in-law did go there on a great sale about 6 months ago and they said they enjoyed it but it didnt have much of a beach, the beach was all carted in and very rocky... but that was a while ago so things could have improved... and I dont know anything about the Iberostar, sorry! But I would consider ROR or the Rius in Negril too! :)

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I actually have pictures of the Bahia if I can find it. We actually picked some people up from that resort and I might have pictures of the other one too. One of them didn't look that great from the outside. Let me find the pictures for you though.

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Here is the wedding package information the Gran Bahia Principe sent me. If you want a pretty copy of it, PM me your email and I can send it to you that way. We decided against it because we didn't want to pay for a private reception at an all-inclusive resort. I would rather spend my money on my vacation (call me selfish!)


I would definitely recommend choosing a non-Sandals resort if you have non-couple guests. They seem to be pretty strict about their policy and when they do bend the rules they don't bend a whole lot.


Hope this helps!











 Includes all legal fees for judge, marriage license and certificate

 Marriage ceremony with music from CD or (clients CD)

 Decorated Location of Wedding Ceremony.

 Personalized service of the Wedding Planner

 Bridal Bouquet & Boutonniere for the Groom ( local flowers)

 Wedding cake , 3 House champagne and Soft drinks for up to 18 paxs including the Bride & Groom

 Dinner at one of the Speciality Restaurants – 3 course meal for a party less than 12 persons with other regular guests. If party exceeds 12 persons in order for you to eat together it is necessarythat you pay for a private function.


A la carte Menu – For a Wedding party less than 12 pax

A Set Menu - For a Wedding group over 12 paxs with service charge for all persons in the group (private function).












(Dinning for Speciality Restaurants will be counted as 1 of the dining options for all persons in the Wedding Party - per stay)


 Floral Arrangement for the Head table ( local flowers)

 10 % discount on (Selected) Spa services

 12 (5 x 7) Color print Photos including the negatives.

 Free room upgrade for the wedding couple (Based on availability).

 Special amenities in the room on arrival

 Continental Breakfast in bed the morning after the wedding + 1 btl

Champagne And T-Shirts

 Witnesses if required.

 Free late check out – up to 3pm (Bride & Groom only)

 Marriage Certificate (2 copies) will be mailed to you within 3 months













 Notarized copy of Birth Certificates and Driver´s Licence or Passport

 Notarized copy of Divorce Decree Final Judgement

 Notarized copy of Spouse´s Death Certificate and related Marriage Certificate

 Notarized copy of Legal Adoption papers or Legal name change (If applicable)


Note: Documents must be at the Hotel 60 days prior to arrival by DHL or FEDEX

All document must be translated into English and Notorized by

A Notary before mailing to GRAN BAHIA PRINCIPE JAMAICA


Mail to: Yanique Chambers – Wedding Planner

Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica

Salt Coppers Villa, Runaway Bay

St. Ann, Jamaica W.I

E-mail: weddingplannerbpjam@bahia-principe.com

Tele: 876-973-7000 Ext. 50081











TOTAL NET PRICE (Taxes included): $1400 USD

Note: Prices are subject to changed without notice






( Not included in the Wedding Package )



VIDEO SERVICE: We offer you the option in DVD or VHS

 DVD for 60 mins. USD$280.00

VHS for 60 mins.USD$290.00




 Group A 10 Photos+CD with photosUSD$115.00

Group B20 photos+CD with photosUSD$215.00

Group C30 photos+CD with photosUSD$315.00

Group D40 photos+CD with photosUSD$415.00

Group E50 photos+CD with photosUSD$515.00





≈ House ChampagneUSD$16.00 per btl

≈ Champagne Moet Chandon (or Similar)USD$130.00 per btl

≈ Gazebo ArrangementsUSD$200.00 & up

≈ Wedding Cake (extra layer)USD$40.00

≈ Bag with Rose petals(medium)USD$50.00

≈ Bag with Rose petals (small)USD$35.00

≈ Baq with Rose petals (large)USD$80.00

≈ Flowers for HairUSD$15 & up

≈ Boutonniere USD$18 & up

≈ Corsage (wrist/pinned)USD$22.00 each

≈ Single Stem Rose USD$12.00

≈ Fresh Flowers on Cake(use as Decoration)USD$25 & up

≈ 12 Roses in a VaseUSD$85.00

≈ Floral Centerpieces for tablesUSD$45.00 & up

≈ Pedestal piecesUSD$90.00 & up

≈ Chair Cover Rental USD$5.00 each






All prices attract a 16.5% service charge





 Music

*Reggae Band USD$3000 - (for 3hours)

*Mento Band USD$300

*Saxophonist USD$300

*Flutist USD$300

*Wedding Soloist USD$500

*Guitarist (classical) USD$300

*Harpist USD$300

*Pianist USD$300

*Violinist USD$300

*Classical Quartet USD$1.000

*Classical Trio USD$800

*Calpyso BandUSD$300

*Steel BandUSD$300

(Per Hour Cost)







All prices attract a 16.5% service charge




All above prices includes all taxes

Request for a wedding must be sent to the hotel in 60 days in advance

Wedding date & time is based on availability and hotel confirmation

Invoice and payment must be made directly to the hotel

Wedding package, conditions, Optional services (extras) prices are valid until further notice

All details, services and request of extras need to be discussed and confirmed directly with the wedding department

All guests must be punctual to their dinner reservation (If you are 15 minutes late the reservation will be automatically cancelled)

Guest must be on the Island of Jamaica 24 Hours prior to Wedding date

Groom & Bride must be present at the appointment with the wedding coordinator and with all documents required at least 2-3 days prior to the wedding date.

The ceremony will not be performed unless all documents are in place (no exception)


This package includes information and procedures required for a civil wedding. Notice that with this information and confirmation of the wedding event booked, this department has nothing to do with room availability or rates. It is a requirement that our clients must be a guest of Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica Hotel to be able to get married inside the Hotel

This package is valid until December 2008. Prices are Subject to change without any notice.














•The total cost of the wedding package is $1400.00


•In order to confirm your wedding date a twenty five percent (25%) deposit of the total cost of the wedding package is required. This is equivalent to $350.00


•An additional fifty percent (50%) is required three (3) weeks prior to your arrival. This is equivalent to $700.00.


•The final twenty five percent (25%) must be paid upon your arrival. This is equivalent to the rfinal $350.00 of the total cost of the wedding package.




In order to pay you must complete the credit card form and fax it to the wedding plannerâ€s attention along with a copy of the back and front of the credit card and a photo ID.



Please note that the payment policy of Gan Bahiaâ€s wedding package is subject to change without prior notice.











Credit Card Payment Form


DATE: _______________________


I _______________________________________ Authorize the Gran Bahia


Principe Hotel (Department)



to charge my credit card#__________________________________________


Expiration date: ____________________ USD$__________________


For the Following:


» ______________________________________________


» ________________________ » ____________________










(Please indicate with a √)


Personal or Company Card: Company Name: __________________________


__________________________________________________ _____________



Signature of card holder


Name of the card holder ___________________________________________



Please attach with this form a Picture ID and copy of the Credit Card to process payment.


Bahia Principe Jamaica

Salt Coppers Runaway Bay

St. Ann

Tele# 1-876-973-7000

Fax# 1-876-670-8503








Cold Appetizers


Seafood Appetizers Cheese Plate

(5 per person) (6 per person)

Smoked salmon Gruyere cheese with paprika

Lobster Medallon Good shepard cheese

Mini Vol-auVent of Jaiba and Curry Camembert cheese

Cream cheese and red caviar Goat cheese with nuts

Shrimp Roquefort cheese

Price per person, US$ 25.00 Selection of bread

Price per person, US$18.00


Garden Appetizers(4 per person)

Fonfo with Artichok and eggplant Mousse

Tomato, Mozarella cheese and Basil

Cucumber barril with Roquefort butter

Tempura of vegetables

Price per person, US $15.00















Cold Meats Appetizers


(7 per person)

Italian ham with melon

Plum with cooked ham


Mini sausage with pastry dough

Virginia ham with cream cheese


Roast beef vol au vent with cream


Steak tartar pearl

Price per person, US$16.00




Hot Appetizers


Seafood Appetizers

Shrimp Tempura

Deep fried fish BallsShrimp Tempura

Lobster medallon

Shrimp on a stick


Fried Calamar

Fish sticks with tartar sauce

Jaiba cakes with Jalapeno

Price per person, US$30.00
















Meat and Poultry Appetizers

(7 per person )

Small Sticks of Meat


red Wine meatballs

BBQ Chicken wings

Turkey Stick

Chicken Fingers

Chicken Milanese

Mini Burgers

Price per person, US$20.00



Mix Appetizers

(7 per person)

Salmon and cream cheese rolls


Ham and Cheese on Pastry

Musrooms with garlic seasoning

Spring Rolls

Mini Pizza

Mini Chicken Toast

Bell Peppers Mini Quesadilla

Price per person, US$16.00

















Jamaican Menu/ Price per person Us$ 40.00

•Pepper soup

•Jerk Chicken breast vegetable

•Authetic Jamaica pastry from our award winning pastry chef



Caribbean Menu/ Price per person Us$ 55.00


•salad ( Pasta salad)

•Soup ( artichoke cream)

•Lobster medallion in a black caviar cream

•Passion fruit mousse



Italian Menu/ Price per person Us$ 43.00


•Mozarella and olives salad

•Sicilian seafood salad

•Lamb chops with balsamic essence and rosted mushrooms

•Carosello pie with chocolate coulis



Spanish Menu/ Price per person Us$ 45.00

•Palm Stick and artichoke salad

•White wine and crab cream lemon sorbet

•Surf & turf

•Catalan cream with brown sugar






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I don't know about either of those places you mentioned but I wanted to comment that I have been to Sandals Dunn's River it is very nice but definitely a place for couples. We stayed at Sandals Ocho Rios which is really close to SDR and has a shuttle going back and forth.


Sandals Ocho rivers is huge and lots of fun for couples and non-couples. Maybe you can keep your wedding at SDR and have your guest stay at SOR?


Just a thought.

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I haven't heard about the 2 resorts you mentioned, but what we are doing is having the wedding at Riu Negril (4 nights) and then moving to Sandals Whitehouse (7 nights). Maybe you could split your time like that if you wanted to stay at a Sandals.

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I'm having my wedding at Sandals Grande Ocho Rios and I have had no problems with bringing my guests who are not "couples". Granted, I don't have a lot of people who fall into this category, but those who do haven't seemed to mind.


The biggest issue I've found is that because it's a "couples" resort, there are king-size beds only throughout the resort--which could be tricky with guests who aren't a "couple" :) So far, i have 40 guests coming.

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Originally Posted by Sharonie View Post
Why don't have have guests that are non-couples or w/ kids to stay at Beaches which is a sister resort of Sandals?
That's a great option. If it were a bigger issue for my situation, I would do just that. (However keep in mind that although they are sister resorts, they don't do transfers between the two properties. The guests would have to get their own transportation between the two resorts.) Just something to keep in mind.

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Well... no, I don't know anything about those resorts. But I'm from 20 minutes north of Milwaukee and I'm getting married a the Gran Bahia (Riviera Maya though). So we KIND of have something in common :)

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