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Maura & Danielle, oh my gosh guys, these were so super easy. I am sorta paper-crafty by nature, so that helped as far as the idea, but here's what I did:

At the Paper Zone by my house, they have this new thing called PZ, which is a whole section of blank paper products in co-ordinating colors, different sizes and shapes of envelopes, flat and note cards, etc. I just picked some out in my wedding colors, then wandered around the store for inspiration.


I knew I wanted to incorporate our theme, which is Hawaii, since that is where our small, legal ceremony will be, but I'm not going for the Oriental Trading version of Hawaii theme, more understated and classic.


I found this little box of paper flowers that included some silver metal brads, and that gave me the idea to punch them thru the cardstock in the corner. It didn't seem dressy enough, so I found some matching ribbon. I just put a couple paper flowers on each brad and punched them thru the one corner, eye-balling the placement. I wasn't too worried if they were perfect!


Next I cut the ribbon to the length of the cards and put a thin stripe of Ailene's tacky glue down each ribbon, and then placed it between the flowers. Probably would have been easier to do this step first!


Then in Word I just thought up the wording, played around with the font and color, size, placement, etc. and copied/pasted each time, then just went back and changed the name and role for each person in an espresso brown color. I should have printed these on nicer paper, but I just used regular old white computer paper. If I was gonna do it again I would use some pretty ivory cardstock or something instead. Also when I cut them out I just used my fiskars paper trimmer, but again I would have used my edger and made the edges a little torn looking, just for detail. I just glued the white paper on the cards and I was done! Oh I also got the espresso envelopes at Paper Zone in the PZ section.

I did a total of 7, took me about an hour! Honest! I did something totally different for Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, and Best Man, not involving crafts. And our chihuahua's are gonna be our ring bearers, so they didn't need one! wink.gif


I'm pretty sure I am gonna do my invites after getting some ideas and encouragement today, It wouldn't be so hard!

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