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I agree with all the girls...it looks fantastic.


My mom was a little concerned too when I showed her what I had in mind for invitations. She wanted something more "formal." Well, it's not a formal event so you have to go with what you want. I say have fun with the STD's. You can always do the invites a little more formal to shit her up.

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I think they look great. I love the passport idea. Forget your in-laws this is your wedding and if you want passport std then that's what you want. It is a dw and what's cuter than a passport to get your guests excited for the trip.

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Originally Posted by S2BLennon View Post
LOVE them - very cute! Actually do you have the forms that I can copy them if you don't mind a copy cat!
No problem! I'm delighted to share:

The original (plain) is here:

The refined version (has page numbers, the boxes and such that you see on your passport, and prints/cuts better) is here:

both have some stamps, font suggestions, instructions, etc.

If you need any help, PM me!

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