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Ok, backfat question! haha

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#1 ImHisBlonde

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    Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:08 PM

    OK I'm by no means over weight. 127 and 5'4. When I baught my Maggie gown 8 months ago I loved every thing about it. I went for a try on at the salon 2 months ago and felt like I had back fat galore and that extra arm pit "boobage". You know what I mean! I went home and cried over the dress because it was so expensive. I've looked for another one since but have blown my budget on that one and now with 7 weeks to go I made another appt to have a fitting and alterations done this weekend and Im scared to death!
    What if I still hate it?
    What if I look fat?
    What if he hates it?
    What if I get to Jamaica and can't even put it on?

    Please help! Did you have this "issue" with your dress, did you get over it? Or did you just ignore it and live with it?

    #2 TammyB

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      Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:11 PM

      Did they just alter you dress too tight? Also wouldn't you rather have the top a little tight versus falling down?

      #3 LisaG

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        Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:12 PM

        OMG I hate back fat!!! I didn't have that issue with my dress, but I do with other things...argh!!!

        #4 meandpaul

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          Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:13 PM

          I bought my dress a while ago. Since then, I have put on some weight and cant even get into my dress. I am now exercising (especially on my Total Body Gym b/c I want my back to look SWEET) to lose the weight.

          I feel that if you do the back exercises to tone it up, you have time. You just have to be consistant b/c of your time constraints.

          #5 IrieBride08

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            Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:13 PM

            Ok, I totally feel you on this issue, but there may be hope.

            I experienced the same thing when I tried on my dress, but it was actually due to the type of bra I had on under the gown. Tried on a different type of bra and the problem was completely eliminated. My back was completely smooth.

            I'd check first with your undergarments. Evidently, they make a big difference!

            #6 cheese_diva

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              Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:33 PM

              A lady at the salon showed me a little trick and just said to have one of my girls do this before going down the aisle... real easy... Stick a finger at one side of the back and run it across to the other side.. seriously it smooths it out.. works great for corset dresses..

              Not sure about the armpit overflow.. you might have to practice standing differently. :)

              My mom's first comment when I sent her pics of me trying on dresses (I was so excited!).. they look too small.. you back is hanging out... nice!, thanks Mom!
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              #7 boscobel

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                Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:36 PM

                I think 7 weeks is plenty of time to tighten up those areas, but I totally can picture what Angela said above and it should work for the back part of it. Doing push-ups or something should help with the armpit boobage. I hate that part of me too. :-(

                #8 Amy&Andy

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                  Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:47 PM

                  Best exercises you can do for that I swear are:

                  Push ups (gets rid of the armit thing); I just do sets of 10 on my knees
                  Chest Flys (use the cable machine thingy) This gets your upper chest and armit area
                  Weight row machine (Do both grips) I do 4 sets of about 12 (two on each grip)

                  Easy squeezy...just do three sets of each and in two weeks I promise you wil notice a difference

                  If you do cardio, do the elyptical with the arm movement (that will get your arms moving as well as your back.

                  And if you don't go to the gym....well ignore all of my advice... and try the bra thing....it does make a huge difference.

                  #9 Karen

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                    Posted 09 January 2008 - 03:58 PM

                    I would totally talk to your alterations person re this. They may be able to work some magic. I totally agree about looking at your undergarments. A change in bra can make all the difference. If you loved the dress when you picked it out, I'm sure its the one. You will look beautiful and you FI will think you are beautiful no matter what. Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day no matter what! It's the law.
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                    #10 ImHisBlonde

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                      Posted 09 January 2008 - 04:02 PM

                      Well I guess I should put more info. Thanks everyone for all your advice.

                      My gown is a corset so it can be adjusted but if seems like it didn't help. Im hoping I was just bloated.
                      I have a gym at home and work out about 3-4 days a week. I do all types of different types. The row machine, both types, Flys, benchpress, curls, all kinds of arm and back things, but it just doesn't seem to be working for me and I feel desperate! Seems I need to step it up some to tighten up.
                      My dress doesn't allow for a bra, so that doesn't matter I guess. I'm just praying maybe I was puffy that day for some reason. I'll try the "tuck in" method though for sure!!! hahaha
                      Ok so work out harder.
                      Tuck in back fat.
                      Try dress a little less tight!

                      Got it!
                      Thanks Everyone!

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