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We're Ordering Pashminas!

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Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to start a new clean thread where people didn't have to search for certain information!

We are ordering pashminas from fashionunic.com. We are hoping to get a deal to where they will be $2.75 a piece or less by doing a bulk order. CarlyMcMullen will be taking everyone's payments and making a lump payment to the company. Then these pashs will be shipped (probably to me). I will then seperate them and ship them individually to anyone who is interested. Including Canada.


Many of the colors on the website say out of stock. Please note that this is NOT the case for many of the colors and they have said their inventory should be fully loaded in two weeks (when we'll place the order).

Here is who i have so far... PLEASE update with the color NUMBER for your order and verify that you still want these!!!!

DateNameConfirmedAmountColorColor #AmountColorColor #AmountColorColor #AmountColorColor #AmountColorColor #AmountColorColor #

3/8/2008CoreyphilYES5Brown5Light Yellow5Light Green

3/27/2008LC RachelYES7ChampaignIS00297PinkIS00FS2Orange

4/4/2008HeidiNeed Count5GreenIS00155PinkIS00FS5IvoryIS00IV






5/8/2008MrsV-to-beYES8GoldIS00GB7RoyalBlueIS00RBU7Light BlueIS00AQ8CreamIS0029

5/10/2008Melglnh2oYES5Light GreenIS00LG5FuschiaIS00FS5IvoryIS00IV







6/21/2008brandy '08YES7BrownIS0007


11/15/2008GeminiLibraYES6WhiteIS00WT1Light GreenIS00LG1IS00166CreamIS0029

MsShelleyNeed CountTurquoiseIS00TQFuschiaIS00FS

11/6/2008DanielleNDerekYES4GoldIS00GB4Light GreenIS00LG4TurquoiseIS00TQ4IS00AQ4IS00GY4CreamIS0029

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