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colors- aqua? coral?

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Has anyone used a light aqua as their main color (ie bridesmaid dress). What accent color did you use? Do you have a pic?


Likewise - has anyone used a coral as their main color. What accent color did you use? Would love to see pics! I keep looking at colors and falling in love with all of them and cant decide without envisioning it in a wedding beach setting!! THANK YOU.

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I immediately thought of Angela's (cheese_diva) --- she had a BEAUTIFUL wedding!


I'm not sure if you were thinking of using both, but I love the combination of aqua and coral ... I think it is super-beachy and would be beautiful! To me, the aqua with coral accents would be a bit softer and reminiscent of the ocean while coral with aqua accents would seem a more summer-time / festive ... either way --- I think it would be really pretty!

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