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Preparation for 1st site visit

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#1 Opice34

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    Posted 07 January 2008 - 09:26 PM


    I'm going down for my first site visit this weekend! Woo! We are hoping to decide on a location this weekend.

    I'm trying to prepare a list of questions to ask the wedding coordinator. Is there anything I should specifically ask? Any lessons learned that any of you have? Do any of you have a list of questions you used?

    I'm just nervous about making sure we cover all the bases!

    I'd appreciate your help! Thanks!

    #2 amy706

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      Posted 07 January 2008 - 11:24 PM

      Here are some questiosn I drew up for my first site visit. Hope it helps!

      will there be another wedding that day
      what is one of the best features of doing a wedding here?
      wedding packages? any subsitutions allowed (if not use photographers- can we uprade something else? Include more people, etc)
      what are the upgrade options?
      is there a fee to bring in outside photographers?
      customization - can we have several readings,write out own vows, etc?
      can we view photos of other weddings at these sites
      discounts for guests on hotel stay? Free stay/upgrades for newlyweds?
      what is the payment schedule? When do we owe what and who do we pay for all of the various things?
      what types of activities do couples usually organize for guests?
      are there any renovations scheduled during that time?
      what types of decorations, table settings, themes do you offer? What is included? What is extra? Can they be customized?
      seated dinner? Dance floor?
      babysitter options for kids? How does that work? Costs?
      DJ you use- do they speak english? How many breaks does he take? What does he usually wear?
      how does it work with playlists- btter to bring ipod, cds? Ceremony music- do we bring it? Speakers for reception? Ceremony?
      what time can it start? What time can it go until?
      what are the after party options? Is there a disco?
      details on legality of marriage. How does it work? What need and how coordinated?
      are the cocktails passed? Are the appetizers passed or set up at a table? Can we have a 'signature drink?
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      #3 Opice34

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        Posted 07 January 2008 - 11:31 PM

        Wow! You thought of so much stuff I hadn't thought of! (Especially the renovations question! yikes!) Thank you thank you thank you!

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