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Sheraton Hacienda del Mar - Chapel & Reception

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Has anyone gotten married in the chapel at Hacienda Del Mar or have any info?


Is it a full Catholic mass? How long is the mass approximately? (We only have less than 20 guests, but the majority of them are not religious). Is the mass in Spanish? Is there a translator? Is there AC in the chapel?


Also, which reception venue would you recommend for a small party of ~20? I want it to have an intimate and private feel.



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did you do a search, I know the regular one is not working, but you can use the advanced search.


As far as I know if you choose to do a church wedding in Mexico and its a legal ceremony it must be in Spanish. If you are doing a symbolic ceremony then I think you can have a translator.

I think we do have a few people who have gotten married there, but not in the chapel.

I would look around the Cabo area and see who all got married in churches (MerryMe, Edyta, and KarlaV-they are all older members but still check in from time to time, PM them if you have specific questions). Otherwise AmyH is a moderator and getting married in a church in PV so maybe she can at least help you with that portion the wedding stuff.

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