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Iberostar Tucan brides????? I need help!

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Hi everyone,

Thinking of choosing the IB Tucan for our wedding....I have tons of questions though! What are the decorations like? Flower choices? How is the onsite phtographer?? This is my biggest worry. I am not too thrilled with the on site photog's website photos but can't seem to find any other photographer that is within my price limit. Can anyone help me? Did you like the on site photog? Did anyone get their ownhuh.gif I have a very limited budget of $1000 or less. Any ideas?



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I, too, am thinking of getting married at IB Tucan. I would love some information also!

I have heard that it can be very "touristy" and that the beds are hard. I've also heard that people will get up at 6am just to reserve their lounge chairs by the beach with a towel!


For what it's worth, I've also heard lots of good things about the place. My mother got married there which is why she is pushing me so hard to choose them. I have seen her photos and they came out beautiful...better than other resort pictures I've seen online.

I have some examples on my computer, but I'm new so I have to read the photo posting rules first!


Has anyone here gotten married at IB Tucan/Quetzal? I would love to hear your experiences!!!

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Hi! We did a site visit there in June and absolutely did not like it for our wedding. It felt WAY too touristy - as Martin put it, a lot of the "Walmart crowd". Don't mean to offend anyone, it just really wasn't for us and we just knew it immediately. We didn't even meet the WC - we requested to be immediately transfered to the Lindo/Mayan the next day. For what it's worth, we were REALLY looking forward to staying at this hotel and it let us down a lot.


I personally feel that there are much better hotels in the area. Sorry to be so negative on this one - good luck!!!!


Here are some links to help you out (including my site visit review):






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Hi Ladies.

We got married at the Tucan last August. It was amazing! Yes the hotel is touristy but we took 14 members of the familt with us (aged 2-6cool.gif and so it was good for all the family to enjoy the holiday as well as the wedding.

The wedding was the best day of our lives! We would not have changed a thing.

People do get up early to reserve sunbeds which is a bit rubbish but you can still get a bed even if you get up late (well we did!)

We used the on site photgrapher and we were more than happy with the piccies. The total cost for our photos was about $1300 but we had loads of photos and the dvd. You can have a smaller package if you like.

You can see our wedding photos here:

Facebook | Rachael Mear's Photos - Our Wedding Day

and piccies of the hotel and mexico here:

Facebook | Rachael Mear's Photos - Mexico

If youve got any more questions i would be happy to help.


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I'm going down for a site visit this weekend and IB Tucan is one of the ones we are touring! I'll take lots of pics, ask lots of questions, and bring you back a full report!

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