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Villa in Cabo del Sol

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After a little research I really like the Cabo del Sol area (which has private villas, a country club and also the Sheraton and Fiesta Americana). Does anyone have experience with these venues? We would love to rent a villa and have our ceremony on the beach and our reception either at the Villa or country club and thought the Sheraton or Fiesta would be a great place to for our friends/family to stay. Any information on these would be great. Also we have contacted Tara Null for our wedding coordination; any experiences using her?




Newbie hoping to get married July 5, 2008!

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From a photographers perspective all of Cabo del Sol is a dream. So many colorful architectural details, lush landscaping and one of the best beaches in Cabo. They also have a 'private' area between the pools, near the beach, with a palapa for wedding ceremonies. Anyone planning a wedding should always (if possible) try to do everything in one location.


Tara Null is all class. She works hard and has great people working with her. Tara gets it done!

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