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Whats up with my mom

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#11 trisha0612

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    Posted 02 January 2008 - 05:39 PM

    When i went to try on dresses, the woman who owned the store actually told me, that she never met a Bridezilla, just a MOMZILLA. She said that it's the moms who do all the nagging and stuff....
    You are not alone!
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    #12 jajajaja

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      Posted 02 January 2008 - 06:01 PM

      Moms will be moms. I bet my future daughter will want to gag me and tie me up in the basement too. She only does it because she wants the best for you. Unfortunately she thinks her sense of taste is the best.

      For people that are deemed control freaks (i.e. me- haha), less knowledge is better. If she doesn't have a choice in the options, maybe her voice won't be so opinionated. I would only keep her involved in the important stuff, like dress shopping. I think all other details you probably would have covered.

      I think you should not do a print dress with those shirts. I think it looks best to create one cohesive look with your wedding party and if you have all these different designs going on, it might not look clean.
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      #13 DanielleNDerek

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        Posted 02 January 2008 - 06:09 PM

        Well at least I know my mom isn't a total nut job. sounds like everyone has these problems. I'm just going to ban her from any future bridesmaid dress talks and any future bm dress shopping.
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        #14 Helen_S81

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          Posted 02 January 2008 - 09:29 PM

          Us moms can be a pain in the arse :)

          Seriously, it is a major lesson in negotiation this wedding stuff. Most of us have raised our daughters to be independent, free thinking women, and now it comes and bites us in the butt :)

          It is so good to hear this from the other side, really it is. I really try/tried to keep my mouth shut about the wedding, but sometimes things just slip out. My daughter Katie, is so very different from me. I am an organizer, very detail orientated, and was raised in the UK so certain customs and etiquette are very important to me. She is artistic, dramatic, non-conventional, and just wants to be different for the sake of it.

          We've had our moments during this whole process, but for the most part we've worked most of it out. There are still things I would like changed but I recognize that this is her (and her fiances) day and she should have it how she wants it.

          The first time she went out dress shopping she went without me! She went with her future MIL and SIL, I was so upset, but I let her know, and why it made me upset.

          With the bridesmaid dresses it was a process. She started off saying she didn't care what they wore, but her sister and I prevailed after about 6 months of us making other suggestions on what might look nice, and taking her out looking at various options. We got her to agree to a shopping trip at a bridal store, got the colour figured out ahead of time, and told the 5 bridesmaids they could have whatever dress they liked from that particular line, but in the one colour. With all the ground work done the 5 girls took 1.5 hours to pick their dresses and get measured, so we all went out for lunch after :)

          Sorry for the ramble, but it is something that I have been wresling with for over a year. Well I should say it's been all her life :)

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