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My new puppy

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Originally Posted by MikkiStreak View Post
Hi Anny----I haven't seen you in forever! How are things going? How's the pregnancy? Happy Holidays!! :)

The puppy is beautiful!!!! How old is she? How did the older one react to the new puppy?
Everything's going great thanx!! the baby is moving a lot now..

Helguix is 2 months old and Halston (the male) is 1 1/2 years old.. they've been playing a lot since she came home, I think he's happy to have her.. he only gets mad when she tries to eat his food hahaha we have to separate them at that time..

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Yeah I love her eyes too, they're really incredible.. my husband was in shock when he saw her, he didn't imagine I was getting him a puppy..


The funny thing is I was getting desperate cause I couldn't find a husky here that I got her online in a page just like ebay but here in mexico.. good thing is she came home healthy..

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