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Calling all May 2008 Brides

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#21 jfwolfe72

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    Posted 31 December 2007 - 05:57 PM

    I think that seeing this thread has actually calmed me down b/c I think I have a lot under control! Here's what I've done and have yet to do for my April 2008 wedding and May 2008 AHR:


    Create Schedule of Events
    Review and Confirm all Resort Details
    OOT Bags
    Reception Music
    Centerpieces / Flowers
    Informational Letters about Resort
    Book Mariachi Trio
    Discuss Photographer Issue w/ TA
    Book Hair, Make-Up, Spa Appointments
    Hang Tags for OOT Bags
    Buy Clothing for Trip
    Microderm Abrasion Facial
    Save the Date - DONE
    Garter - DONE
    Book Photographer and Videographer (Claudia Rodriguez) - DONE
    Confirm Ceremony, Welcome Reception and Private Reception Locations - DONE
    Confirm Reservation for Resort and Flights - DONE
    Engrave FI's Ring
    Lose 30 Pounds
    Prepare text for Invitations and Stationery
    Purchase Guest Books
    Dress Fitting
    FI's Wedding Band - DONE
    Wedding Dress - DONE
    FI's Tux - DONE
    Guest List
    Wedding Website


    Order Cake
    DJ Playlist
    STD Magnets / Envelopes
    Finalize Menu
    Block Additional Rooms
    Seating Chart
    Prepare text for Invitations and Stationery
    Send STDs and Inviations
    Order Inviations - DONE
    DJ - DONE
    Flowers - DONE
    Book Photographer - DONE
    Location - DONE

    #22 Leticia

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      Posted 04 January 2008 - 04:01 AM

      ok, now i'm scared!
      yikes, i got alot to do!

      #23 boscobel

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        Posted 04 January 2008 - 11:03 AM

        Is there a list you are all working from? I am thinking of just copying all your stuff and editing it it as needed, but was wondering how you got to be so thorough to beging with. "You" isn't directed at anyone in particular, just everyone tha tlooks better organized then me!!

        #24 michelle08

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          Posted 04 January 2008 - 11:16 AM

          The list I posted...I got from about.com it came up in a search I did...I have a half ass list I made...but I need to really list it out and start following it!!!

          #25 AmyInMI

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            Posted 04 January 2008 - 12:35 PM

            I am creating my list right now! I feel as though I am "on track" but I know I still have a lot to do!!! AHHH!! Just over 4 months!!
            Amy & Aaron
            May 10, 2008
            Dreams Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

            #26 AmyInMI

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              Posted 04 January 2008 - 01:19 PM

              Ok, now I am really starting to freak out!!! I knew I had a lot to do because I did NOTHING from August through December while I was in school... Now I have one week until I return to my nursing classes and I am really worried I will not get everything done in time!! Luckily the most of it requires just being at home working on some crafty things but I still have A LOT TO DO!!!

              What I have done:
              - bought dress, veil, & accessories
              - purchased FI's suit, just need my mom to do a few alterations
              - booked our trip
              - ceremony location reception confirmed
              - boarding pass invitations done and sent out
              - purchased Aaron's wedding ring
              - purchased flowers (using artificial ones) for BM's
              - applied for passports, have Amy's, waiting for Aaron's
              - purchased OOT bags and most of items for them
              - purchased parent's gifts
              - figured out seating for tables at reception
              - Aaron bought all of his clothes for trip
              - booked pig roast/ caterer for AHR
              - AHR invites just arrived, need to put them together and mail in April

              Need to do:
              - decide on and purchase my wedding band
              - get Aaron's ring engraved
              - write vows
              - decide on and purchase BM/GM gifts
              - finalize bridesmaids dresses
              - find more pics of what I want for my bouquet
              - order flip flops for guy's OOT bags and decide what else we need for bags
              - make hang tags for OOT bags
              - finish programs
              - buy cake topper
              - decide on groomsmen attire
              - book BD session
              - printed out list of required photos for wedding photographer
              - buy starfish bouquet jewel
              - plan welcome dinner
              - make welcome letter
              - make wedding day timeline
              - decide on my hair & makeup
              - decide on my shoes
              - decide what to do for guest book
              - decide on what we want for centerpieces
              - finish fans
              - finish tissue holders
              - decide on what to do for place cards/ table numbers
              - finalize menu for reception
              - book hair appointments
              - download a ton of music for reception and make playlist
              - decide on excursion for guests
              - buy more clothes for me :)
              - find more pics of cake
              - go register for bridal shower gifts
              - finalize AHR guest list and start getting everyone's address
              - book DJ for AHR

              Amy & Aaron
              May 10, 2008
              Dreams Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

              #27 KellyandMatt08

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                Posted 04 January 2008 - 03:28 PM

                My done list is much shorter then i thought. And my not done list is way too long. I'm glad its written though so I can get moving.

                •Dress (needs fitting in March)
                •Bridesmaid dresses
                •Hotel Booked
                •Cake topper
                •Hair Accessory
                •Booked photographer
                •Booked DJ
                •Completed registry

                In Progress
                •Invitations (DIY) send out week of 1/21
                •OOT bags
                Chap stick
                •Fans (12 left to finish)

                Not Done
                •FI and Groomsmen Outfits
                •Bridal Accessories (shoes, veil, jewelry)
                •Bridesmaid accessories
                •Wedding bands
                •Decide on flowers (decided on florist)
                •Pick a cake (decided on bakery)
                •Determine hairstyle and makeup
                •Seating arrangement/cards/table #s
                •Decide on Rehearsal
                •BM/GM gifts
                •Make hang tags for OOT bags and fans
                •Decide on Menu
                •Decide what to do for guestbook
                •Determine music for reception
                •OOT Bags
                oWelcome letter
                oWedding day timeline
                •Determine Centerpieces
                •Decide canopy/arch for ceremony
                •Plan possible group activity
                •Sand ceremony
                •Starfish bouquet jewel
                •Book hair/nail appointments
                •Ceremony Chair ties
                •Sand ceremony
                •Purchase Ecofetti and make holders
                •Trash the dress, dress

                #28 boscobel

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                  Posted 06 January 2008 - 11:20 PM

                  Ok, it took my a while, but I think I finally combined my previous lists with what you all listed and I came up with a frigging long list! I have some done, lots in progress and even more to do!!!

                  Hotel/honeymoon booked
                  Wedding booked
                  Purchase plane tickets
                  Book MOH, FG and RB hotel (parents booking airfare)
                  My dress
                  BM dresses
                  STD’s sent
                  Bought Parasols
                  Bought Fans
                  Bought/made luggage tags
                  Photog for AHR booked (using resort photog for wedding)
                  Videographer contacted for AHR (might use him)
                  Using resort photog in Jamaica
                  Hair flowers
                  Guest book
                  Buy starfish bouquet jewel
                  Sand Ceremony vessles
                  Boarding Passes created

                  IN PROCESS
                  Boarding Passes need to be printed
                  Finish Sewing OOT Bags
                  Decide what I am making for OOT Bags (salt scrub, lip balm, sun soother, etc)
                  Buy the shit to make the stuff for in the OOT Bags
                  Buy other random stuff for OOT Bags
                  Need to make my veil (fabric bought, but haven't started it yet)
                  Choose & Order Rings
                  In contact with woman about wedding bands and BM gifts
                  Find Groom/GM's Attire
                  Find shoes for me (orange are hard to find!)
                  Ring bearer shell
                  Decorate Flowergirl bucket
                  Sand Ceremony Sand
                  Laser Hair Removal
                  Bridal party still needs to book
                  Finalize payments - March 3rd (I think)
                  Follow up with guests by phone to get a general head count
                  Get paperwork from Matt to send to Jamaica

                  TO DO
                  Lose frigging weight
                  Make appt for fittings
                  Confirm guestlist for Jamaica
                  Finalize menu for Jamaica - after rsvps
                  Figure out centerpieces for Jamaica, if reception
                  Figure out Reception/Cake/Flower info for wedding
                  Sister needs to make FG dresses
                  Need ring bearer clothes
                  List of pics for photogs
                  Hair and makeup
                  Petals for aisle
                  Make FI find out for sure who will actually be a GM!
                  My jewlery
                  Make veil
                  Groomsman gifts
                  Decide on Cake for Jamaica
                  Organize playlist for Jamaica
                  Steel Drums for Jamaica
                  Figure out hair
                  Figure out Reception Plans for Jamaica
                  Verify with TA transportaion from airport for us and guests
                  Plan welcome dinner
                  Plan beach wedding (chairs, petals, etc.)
                  Flower girl and ring bearer gifts
                  List of required photos for photogs
                  Table Numbers
                  Place Cards
                  Seating arrangements for Jamaica
                  Shell for ringbearer
                  Purchase clothing for Jamaica
                  Purchase clothing for Matt for Jamaica
                  Videographer for Jamaica
                  Go shopping with my parents for their clothing
                  Decide on Vows
                  Verify Bridal Party's Travel Arrangements
                  Verify marriage license is in order
                  Sand Ceremony wording
                  Dog sitter
                  Book hair/makup/spa
                  Microderm Abrasion Facial (great idea!)
                  Parents Gifts
                  Welcome Dinner
                  Postcards for OOT Bags
                  Decide on arch/canopy for ceremony

                  MIGHT DO
                  Write Welcome Letter
                  Wedding Day Timelines
                  BD photos
                  Plan excursions

                  Photog for AHR booked (using resort photog for wedding)
                  Videographer contacted for AHR (might use him)
                  Confirm guestlist
                  Finalize menu
                  Make table runners
                  Favors - lucky bamboo
                  Choose Cake
                  Choose flowers
                  List of pics for photogs
                  Hair and makeup
                  Organize playlist
                  Table Numbers
                  Place Cards
                  Seating arrangements

                  #29 shannon

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                    Posted 08 January 2008 - 07:16 PM

                    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have more to do than I thought --and to think originally, I thought a DW would be super uncomplicated- just show up!!

                    Lizz- yah!! we have the same wedding date!!! :):)

                    I'm going to have to wait and make my list when I get home from work and can do it with a glass (or bottle!!) of wine!!

                    Thanks for this, though girls!! This will definitely get me moving and help get organized!!

                    #30 stei0419

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                      Posted 08 January 2008 - 08:06 PM

                      Wow, I feel like I haven't done anything. I'm glad I found this site b/c there's so much I didn't even think of!!

                      I have:
                      bought a dress (coming in 2 more months)
                      bought a bridesmaid dress
                      booked wedding and honeymoon
                      (I know all guests are booked-there's only 10!)
                      started a registry

                      I need to:
                      design/print invitations
                      make OOT bags
                      decide on entertainment
                      buy FI's wedding band (I'm not getting one)
                      finish registering
                      buy FI's wedding attire
                      buy undergarments and accessories for myself
                      get necessary documents notarized and sent
                      lose 10 lbs.
                      plan at home reception
                      pick out flowers/centerpieces

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