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Calling all May 2008 Brides

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I leave 2 weeks from tomorrow. Here is what I have left to do:

- finish reception seating chart (can't do this yet b/c still finalizing guests!!!)

- burn cds for reception (FI's job)

- make ipod playlist for welcome party (FI's job)

- pick up my dress from the seamstress

- decide on jewelry

- give groomsmen their wedding clothes (once again, FI's job...lol!)

- get picture for guestbook (signature frame)

- miscellaneous crap: get key made for neighbor, withdraw money and get dollar bills for tips, finalize dog sitter arrangements, other stuff I'm forgetting

- PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by nylalany View Post
Well - less than a week and I still have to:
Buy a wedding ring
Buy makeup somewhere
Design and make programs
Print and make placecards
Print stickers and cut/attach them to candles
Print stickers and tie ribbon/stickers to pashminas
Get welcome booklets bound
Burn important music onto cd or ipod for DJ
Pick up weddng dress from tailor
Pick up rehearsal dress from tailor
Buy some fun sandals
Finish usher and MOH gifts (parent gifts later?)
Write vows (on plane haha?)
Print out all the contracts and receipts
Forgetting something I'm sure...
Eeek! Your wedding is close and thats some list! I feel ya though, I am not that far off either. I am actually a major procrastinator and still have a ton to do. blush2.gif
My big accomplishment for today: I finally sent invites/newsletters.
Here some things I still want to get done - a lot has gone by the wayside and we'll just go on to plan B for whatever doesn't get done.

Still need to find shoes - have two in mind- but must shop around first
Gifts for guests/ oot gifts - I may wait to buy down there
Print /buy postcards for guests to mail to us instead of guestbook
Shop for makeup
Have manicure and hope my nails don't break before wedding - I've been growing the out
Figure out what to do with hair - buy clip on hair? - get haircut- buy hair products
Make appointment to get eyelash extensions
Shop for bathing suits and cute resort clothes and shoes
Print out the Language of Fans for my ceremony fans - maybe
Compile and send photographer and videographer a list of musts
Figure out Music - bug FI till he makes decisions - or spend more $$ for Romantic trio
Stress about ceremony wording - haven't the slightest what will be said and I have specific hopes for this

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For my own sanity I had to revise my list and see what else I need to finish. We get married 2 weeks from TODAY!! Yikes!! I have the majority of my list done though. Here it is:


What I have done:

- purchased dress, veil, & accessories

- purchased FI's suit

- our trip booked and paid for

- gathered ideas about location of ceremony & reception

- boarding pass invitations completed and sent out

- purchased wedding bands

- BM flower bouquets and all boutonnieres completed

- buy starfish bouquet jewel

- received passports

- purchased OOT bags and all items

- OOT bags all put together and packed

- purchased parent's gifts and gift-wrapped

- figured out seating for tables at reception

- finished wedding day timeline

- finished tissue holders

- finished place cards

- finalized menu for reception

- finalized welcome dinner

- booked hair appointments

- decided on excursion for guests

- purchased clothes for trip

- completed gift registries

- had Bridal Shower and Bachelorette parties

- BM dresses purchased

- groomsmen attire purchased

- finished hang tags for OOT bags

- booked pig roast/ caterer for AHR

- booked cake for AHR

- finalized AHR guest list and sent out invites

- booked Sax Appeal for entertainment and DJ for AHR


Need to do:

- get Aaron's ring engraved

- write vows

- decide on and purchase BM/GM gifts

- find more pictures of what I want for my bouquet

- attach programs to raffia fans

- print out list of photos that we want to get for wedding photographer

- finish welcome letter

- finalize my hair & makeup/ find more pictures

- decide on my shoes

- decide what to do for guest book

- decide on what we want for centerpieces

- make playlists of music



I will be posting my thread showing all of my ideas and everything by the end of this weekend (hopefully!!)

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