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Homemade Pizza?

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Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
When I was little, my dad & I made pizza together every Friday- it was our fun little family tradition. We used the pizza crust recipe from the Better Home & Gardens cookbook. It's super easy...
I love how you and dad had that tradition, how cool is that! I'll save the recipe. That's a great thing to carry on with your kids one day.

Originally Posted by MikkiStreak View Post
Yep! :) Grill all the veggies & meats first. Once those are done, it's time for the dough...

Spray the dough on one side with Pam Grilling (lightly), then put it on the grill for about 2 minutes with the lid closed. Spray the other side of the dough, quickly put the toppings on the side already grilled, close the lid and leave on there for about 2-3 minutes.

VIOLA! It's the best pizza you'll ever have. :)
I'm sold Maria...we bbq weekly...sometimes days in a row since we have no weather system here! This is great to try.

Thanks everyone for the topping suggestions...really really great ideas/recipes. This sounds more fun than a taco party...which we have too because we have this thing with large quantities of food and friends :P

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Thank you for starting the thread in the first place...

I am sure that most of us need very little excuse for a gathering but are always looking for a way to make it unique!

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