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Las Caletas Brides ~ Post HERE! (THREAD CLOSED)

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Originally Posted by Andi View Post
Julia that was AMAZING! I totally teared up!

I do love the LC photos thank you for sharing with us! you were a stunning bride! Did you do you your own hair or have the hair guy that LC can provide?

Also, did your hubby go over to LC for the day? it looked like you guys had the chance to take a lot of pics before the ceremony?

Congratulations! thanks again for sharing! smile03.gif

Fernando did my hair (with some help from my sister)...overall I would say I had a good experience with him and he is definitely a really, really nice guy! We ran in to trouble when he didn't have foundation or cover up to match my skin so we had to do a make shift foundation. If you have darker/brown skin like me, I recommend bringing your own.

My husband didn't come over for the whole day, he came over in the afternoon so that we could take pics before the ceremony. I was really concerned about the sunset time so we decided to do most of the pics before. We spent the night before the wedding in the same room together so we weren't set on not seeing eachother before the ceremony. It was definitely a good call because I got to enjoy some part of the cocktail hour too!

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Julia...I love those pics too!


The ones in town are just great, I think they really capture the true culture of PV!

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Hi Julia!


Your wedding looked amazing! You looked so beautiful. Congrats!


I am getting married at Las Caletas on 2/28/2009 so not too much longer. I loved the two songs are your slideshow. Can you tell me who sings those and the song names? Thanks!


Congrats again!



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Nathaniel picked out the songs for the slideshow so I can't take any credit for their selection but I believe they are --

Oh, is it love -- by Hellogoodbye

On my mind -- by Kalai


Also, wanted to share some of my wedding stuff, since this thread was helpful to me in putting together my wedding related documents. Several people asked me about having the DJ -- the songlist we sent him ahead of time is below and he really did make good use of it which was great! Also, I have to thank AnnR for the cool wedding day timeline in the guests itinerary -- everyone loved all the great icons!!! Hopefully this is helpful to someone!!









welcome letter.doc

Guests itinerary.doc


Music playlist.xls

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