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Paradisus Playa Conchal

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Hi Amanda & Dave.



Im Marianela Rosabal  the wedding coordinator for Destinationcostaricaweddings.com, HoneymoonInCostaRica.com, Costa RicaOnLineTravel.com;  weddings departments of Memorable Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers a wide range of unique and unforgettable settings for weddings.


A wedding in Costa Rica is full of beautiful nature , incredible adventure and lots of romance


Making hotels reservations, organizing wedding details, transportation and tours are our specialty.


If you require some guideness and organization, please feel free to contact me and we can make this occasion a great success.






Marianela Rosabal H


Costa Rica On line Travel /Memorable Costa Rica / Honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Ph: 2248-0048

Fax: 2248-0050



mrosabal@costaricaonlinetravel.com  /  mrosabal@honeymoonincostarica.com

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I'm also thinking about a Paradisus Playa Conchal wedding in June 2011.   Costa Rica is where the FI would like to get married, actually I think he just wants to go play.  Since he has really give me total control I think it might be the least I can do.  Although I really like the idea, more and more every day.  I had almost taken it off the list because of rainy season but I got some great information from some people on  Trip Advisor and I'm ok with 1-2 hours worth of rain each day.  Beside with the rain comes green and beautiful.  


 I was wondering if you have seen an extra's price list for the resort.  Like dj, decorations, extra flowers.  I wanted to get an idea of what it's really going to cost. Or can you even have a dj and dancing?   I sent an email  through the web site but I know how it can take some time for them to get back to you so I thought if anyone might have some information they could share that would be great.  Also if this is the resort I pick do they have a form to submit to reserve your date?  The web site has information on the packages, I was just looking for a little more.


Thanks for your help.

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Hi remdog!  I am currently planning a wedding at the Paradisus Playa Conchal resort for Feb/11.  My fiance and I went there last year and absolutely loved the resort and the people that work at the resort.  We have been to the domincan and mexico and knew we wanted to go back to Costa Rica and could not pick a better place for a destination wedding.


Depending on what type of package you wanted to purchase through the resort...prices range.  They have an enormous list of music (recorded background music is for the ceremony) options that you can choose for the cocktail party/reception.  We have chosen DJ Memix and their rate is $200/hr with a minimum of two hours.  Not too sure on what the flowers/decorations would cost.  We have chosen their "aqua" package which includes flowers for myself and my fiance.  I am just waiting to hear back for flowers for my MOH and best man.  Other than that all the decorations are included with the package we have purchased and they have sent me pictures and I think it looks great (nothing more needs to be added in my opinion).


I did email the resort itself rather than going through the miami site (I like dealing with someone who is actually at the resort) and she it great at getting back to me quickly.  They do have a form that is filled out to reserve your wedding date and what not.


If you would like any other information, let me know!  Good luck with your planning!


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Hi Megan,


Congratulations on your Feb. wedding.  I look forward to reading your progress on here.   It doesn't seem like there are to many brides that are getting married there or they just haven't found this site yet.  Which is full of so much great information. I was also looking at the Aqua package.  It seems like it would also be the best fit for us.   I'm glad to hear from someone who has been to my other choices  just to reaffirm that this is really the best choice.   I've pretty much made up my mind that this is where we are getting married.  Now it's the details for the TA to work out getting us there.   I want the undiscovered place, some where that people would normally not put first on there travel list.  Thank goodness for my FI's desire to travel to new places.  And really he gets bored easy.  I was worried that if we didn't go to a country with lots of things to do and explore he may have been asking the resort if they had something he could fix just to pass his time.  And that really isn't a joke.  


If you don't mind now I'm gonna give you my laundry list of questions.  I'll say SORRY in advance.  How did you find your DJ? Are there certain locations that you can have your reception so you can have dancing?  Who are you using as a Photographer?  ( I have someone I would like to use but she is based in California and I'm not sure I can afford all of the travel) Are you having a private reception?  How many people?  Do you know what the rate is if you have more that 20 people.  Do you have the contact information for the WC at the hotel,( all I can find is the one on the main site)  Where do you get the form to request the date?   I think those are the ones that are on the top of my list.


Thank you for all of your help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Megan,


Congratulations on your wedding date! Thank you for choosing Costa Rica for your celebration.


We just wanted to add some info that may be helpful to all brides wanting to get married at Paradisus. We are like their staff photographers (we document approx 50 weddings a year with them), Sarah Browne, photographer now living in California used to work for us - actually coming down for some work in Dec probably. 

One thing we tell all brides for Paradisus is to have LOTS of patience, they handle such large volume that it takes them a while to get back to you. You may also have heard or read that PPC could not do wedding on the beach, that has been completely resolved.


For DJs, they a couple of choices, do not go with a budget DJ they offer. It is a very basic service. Ask for Ciro (they have a great set up controlled ambient lighting, fireworks - if you want all this. Otherwise as a DJ, his mixing is awesome!

You can either have a dinner reception in one of the restaurants (quiet one) or in Feb you can have a poolside reception with music. They have an events center or Gavi (if you take over the restaurant - this is over by the adult pool).

WC email is romance@paradisusplayaconchal.com (Lucia Chavez)


For the FI:

Take him one day to Rincon de La Vieja National Park (1hr 20 away) Canyoning, hiking to the top of the Von See Bak Crater, mud baths, horsebackriding. It is a beautiful park, really. Try sunset sailing with snorkeling, that is a very cool experience (personally know) go with Marlin del Rey Catamaran - they are the best outfit.


Here are acouple of the last wedding we had at Paradisus:








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Hi remdog!  Thank you for the congratulations!  We are really looking forward to going back to Costa Rica!  I don't think alot of brides choose this location because it is a little expensive as compared to other places but I completely think it is worth it.  Your FI will definately NOT get bored here!  There is so much to do or perfect for laying by the pool and doing absolutely nothing.  The reason I had decided on this resort is because the people that work there are so amazing and friendly and honestly speak better english than I do!  Also, I have a sensitive stomach (had gotten sick in Mexico at a 5 star resort, and had gotten REALLY sick at a 5 star resort in the Dominican) and not once did myself or my FI get sick at the Paradisus.  It's the last thing I want is to be sick on my wedding day (or my guests to be sick)!  Their food is so good as well!  And the different animals on the resort is so entertaining, monkeys, lizards, raccoons, wild kittens, you name it they got it!  I sound like a cheerleader for the resort, but I think instead of choosing different places to go for vacation every year, we will just come back to the Paradisus.


As for your questions:

The DJ was actually in the list of options that I had asked for, they have about three pages of different music options for your cocktail party/reception (bands, dj, saxophone, guitarists, etc.).  Whatever you want...they can get it!

I am just waiting to get pictures of the different locations for the reception so I can choose which location I would like to have...They do have different locations for the ceremony, all are great, but we chose the beach because I don't want to wear shoes. :)

The photographer was recommended by the romance manager (El Velo Photography), check out their website, they do great work from what I have seen!  They have different packages you can choose from depending on who you want to have pictures of (we chose the "all in the family" package which includes 500-800 high res pictures of up to 25 guests and ourselves.  We also chose to get a 10 x 10 book made up, their books look amazing! (and I don't have to do the work) :)  They do video's as well but I though pics were good enough for us.

We are having a private reception, we will have 23 people at the ceremony/cocktail party/reception (including four kids).  In the aqua package, you have 20 guests included, anymore than that is 85.00/per person.  We do have people staying outside the resort and just coming in for the wedding (day passes).

The contact I have been using is: romance@paradisusplayaconchal.com (Lucia Chaves) - she has been absolutely wonderful with all of my requests and she also would have the form to reserve your date.


Any more questions...don't hesitate to ask!  Happy Planning!!

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Hi Ask.CostaRica!  Thanks for your reply!  I love Costa Rica and am a big supporter in people travelling there. :)  Your photography looks great and am excited to work with you guys in February!

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Thank you Megan and Ask Costa Rica for all of the great! information.  


Megan it sound like your ready to get married.   I"m like you and it's a must getting married in the sand.  I will also be a barefoot bride.  Some girls dream of big fancy dresses and well my dream is sand and no shoes.  Its the simple things in life.  


I love reading your post and having you sound like you work for the resort. lol  It just goes to show when you find the perfect place you can't help but rave about it.  Even though I've never seen it other than pictures everything I've read makes it sound perfect.  And the fact that Patrick wont have time to go fix stuff is an even bigger plus. When I told him we would be going some where for 2 weeks he just about fell over.  "I cant lay around a pool for 2 weeks I'll go CRAZY!"  So it's even better to read all of the things we will be able to go and do.  That is truly why I picked Costa Rica because it seems like a place that you really couldn't explore in just a week and who knows when we'll ever get a two week vacation again.  


I looked at the site for your photographer and also Ask Costa Rica's pictures and they are all beautiful.  I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that my photographer will be able to come down but if not at least I know I've got some good options out there.  I didn't see the packages that El Velo Photography offers but I did see there June special which look pretty good.  That at least gives me an idea of what I could get for the money. I'm still up in the air about video, that will depend on how many people will be coming down. We haven't actually announced it to everyone yet I'm waiting for my ring to come back first.  We are going to do a reception when we get home.  Nothing fancy, just a back yard BBQ so everyone who couldn't come can see pictures and all of that.  Plus I think my family would kill me if we didn't have something.


I did sent Lucia an email to request the forms and see if we can get the date I had in mind.  June 22, 2011.  I thought that sounded like an easy date for Patrick to remember.  No special meaning just easy for him to keep track of the date and how many years. Actual date doesn't really matter to me.   I kind of would like a date in the middle of the week that way guest will have a few days after the wedding that they feel like they could enjoy without wedding stuff.  Not that there will be much prior.  How about you when is your actual date?  And any special reason for that date?  How long usually does it take for Lucia to get back to you?  I know that all of the WC are so busy at the resorts.  I was wondering if it would be a few days or weeks?


You will have to let me know where you decide to have your reception at and why?  I'm thinking I would like something outside but June is that start of rainy season and I'm not sure outside will be an option.  The other good choice would be the Gavi.  When I was looking into Dreams La Romana they have a huge forum, and there were alot of brides renting the entire restaurant.  Do you know if that is an extra fee?  At Dreams you could get the restaurant for $1000. but you had to order off of the regular dinner menu but that was the only way you could have dancing at a restaurant.  If not then it had to be by the pool or the other option was to have dinner and then move the reception to the disco.  Not crazy about that idea.  Maybe later in the night but not to have our first dance at.  


Hopefully all of my questions weren't as bad this time.  I'm sure I'll have a million more but hopefully when I get some information from Lucia that will help cut them down.  Thank you again you really have been so helpful !!!!!!!!!!!  


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Hey remdog!  You will definately find lots of stuff to do!  I recently contacted concierge at the hotel to get a list of activities/tours to send to my guests so they can start getting of ideas of what they would like to do and the attachment they sent me was 22 pages long!!


I have the same idea with the AHR (at home reception), alot of people could not come because of the short notice I gave them and the resort is more expensive than other places (again well worth it).  We are going to spend two weeks at the resort, one week with family and friends, and the other week as our honeymoon.


Lucia can send you the attachment which has all of the pricing for photography, video, books, etc.  Where did your ring go that it has to come back?


I chose the date February 14, 2011...lol....you are going to laugh at my reasons for picking Valentines Day....I picked it so he could have no possible reason to forget it and I get one BIG anniversary/valentines day present instead of two little ones. ;)


Lucia will most likely get back to you within a few days....I have packed her email full of messages/questions/etc. and the longest I have had to wait for anything was a few days and that's because she was on her days off.  She sent me pictures of the different spots for the reception and we chose the pool area (it was between that one and the caracola restaurant).  I let the FI pick the location and he liked the pool area picture the best.  They do have one location (beach club) that you do have to pay extra ($500) if you have under 50 guests.  It looks really nice but we would rather spend money on fireworks than on the location, it will be a private event either way.  I think you would like the caracola restaurant due to the rainy season, it's open to the outside right beside the pool and it looks like a really BIG tiki hut with lots of room (depending on how many guests you will be having).  That was my pick but since I let the FI pick, pool area it is!!


No problem with the questions, glad I could help!  I am really excited that you have chose the Paradisus for your wedding as well! :)

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