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David Flores (guitar)

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So, the strong-arm technique and a message in Spanish finally worked with AVL systems (my DJ). Here's the messages (in Spanish & translated into English).


-----Original Message-----

From: davidf@avlsystems.com.mx [mailto:davidf@avlsystems.com.mx]

Sent: Friday, September 29, 20068:06 PM

To: MariaElena Murillo

Subject: Re: URGENTE - Boda de Murillo / Eick (10/28/06)


Hola Maria Elena, claro que tenemos un acuerdo, si tenemos las

Canciones que nos pide, y Raul va a ser el DJ, cualquier duda estoy a sus ordenes, gracias.


(Hi MariaElena. Of course we have an agreement. Yes we have the songs you requested & Raul will be the DJ. I am at your service if you have any doubts. Thank you.)



From: MariaElena Murillo

Sent: Friday, September 29, 20063:06 PM

To: 'davidf@avlsystems.com.mx'; 'susanaf@avlsystems.com.mx'; 'franciscoa@avlsystems.com.mx'

Subject: URGENTE - Boda de Murillo / Eick (10/28/06)

Creo que ya tenemos un contrato verbal para mi boda. Raul es el DJ.


Fecha: Sabado, 28 de Octubre de 2006

Hora: 7:30 - 10:30pm (3 horas)

Sitio: Hilton Los Cabos

Precio: $200 por hora (USD) (Total = $600 USD)


Aqui tiene las canciones que me guesta (adjunto). ?Tienen estas canciones?


No he recibido un e-mail de David en mucho tiempo. Me siento nerviosa. Quiero saber si voy a tener un DJ. ?Raul va a estar en mi boda? ?Tengo que contratar con otro dj? Mi boda es en unas semanas. Necesito una respuesta.


Ademas, soy una miembra de un grupo internet (Cabo Wedding Forum) en los Estados Unidos para novias que se van a casar en Cabo. Quiero escribir una recomendación buena para AVL systems. Hay muchas otras novias que buscan un DJ





“Hi David. I believe we have an oral agreement for my wedding. I believe Raul is our specific DJ.


Date: Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time: 7:30 - 10:30pm (3 hours)

Location: Hilton Los Cabos

Price: $200 per hour (USD) (Total = $600 USD)


I have been coordinating with David Flores. I still haven't heard back from David in a few months. Can I be sure the DJ will show up on my wedding day? We still need to discuss my music preferences (see attachment). Do you have these songs? If I don't hear from someone by next week, should I hire a new (different) DJ?


Also, I belong to an internet group called the Cabo Wedding Forum in the US for brides that will get married in Cabo. I would like to write a good recommendation for AVL Systems. There are many other brides that are looking for a DJ.




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one of the frustrations of working with the vendors there...they are a little lax on communication and contracts...i'm glad you got a commitment from them...i did not have contract for dj or photographer.

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really? i'm surprised you didn't have a contract with the photographer. didn't you use juan carlos tapia? i guess it worked out for you because they both showed up though, right?

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my first photographer cancelled a few days before my wedding...i originally wanted juan carlos to shoot my wedding but he was already booked..luckily he had a cancellation so he could shoot my wedding...i got really lucky.

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Wow! I just listened to some of the clips by the classical guitarist. He is great! I think that is such a great idea. I'm interested to hear the reviews when you all get done with your weddings:)

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Hi, I see that this is a few years ago but I am curious if you used David Flores... I am considering using him for our wedding and would like to know what I am getting into! 

Many thanks


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