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We can't afford to do appetizers at the wedding and the guests won't have too long to wait between the end of the ceremony and dinner so we are giving them a little snack or nosh. We are doing a candy buffet but most people won't want to eat that right away ( I sure would) so we are filling chinese take-out boxes up with popcorn and putting them at each seat.


I made some business cards at Vistaprint.com and got a great deal! They are normally $20 but I found a code and got them for $4 ( plus shipping).


with out much more ado here is what I did:

Click the image to open in full size.


I will tie them on to the handles of the containers.

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Originally Posted by LadyP View Post
That is cute. Did you think of the poem yourself

Thanks. Yes I poured over it for about an hour yesterday trying to come up with a word that rhyms with "Tums" and ended up having to change it to "antacids" We seriously are going to set some tums up on the candy buffet! That and we are having Lasagna wich can give people problems.
We are trying to keep the wedding sophisticated (sp?) but not stuffy so we have a few quirky little poems.

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