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Bridal Shower Vs Party Before Wedding

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My BF who is my maid of honor asked if we would like a party before the wedding since some guest can not attend the dw. The second option a bridal shower. I like the idea of the party ,but I have major concerns:


The wedding party spending more money for a party before we leave for Cabo

They are already spending money to get there and other expenses.

My FI inviting too many people then party is out of control

My FI family, I know the party would be out thier comfort zone

With the guest list already it would be over 150 at the party, and that is too many people



I am leaning more towards the bridal shower, I would like something more personal with the girls.

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I haven't put a ton of thought into this personally...but in the begining planning for me I thought maybe instead of the typical brial shower I could have like a couples one...but really more like a bbq vs a shower but that way guys could come too...but I haven't really decided.


I think you should do what you feel most comfortable doing. I also agree that a party w/ 150 people would be alot for your bridesmaids. even a bridal shower with like 20 people costs alot for food an decor, etc....


I know I'm not much help...but go with your gut!

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i think a party beforehand with 150+ people would be both so expensive AND overwhelming. why not something small and simple? the reality is that you cant make everyone happy or make it up to everyone who cannot make it to your DW. if you do want to do a party, what about a smallish backyard BBQ type thing after you get back from the DW and have the photos you can share with your friends who couldn't make it? or if you wanna do a shower, what about just limiting it to family and your absolute closest friends? you dont HAVE to include everybody and their mom ;-)

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