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Not sure where to post this... sorry!


Just wondering.. about insurance on photographer's trip..


Is anyone doing thishuh.gif What if something happens and the photographer can't make it.... you lose the money you put towards their trip??

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Bonjour LeXiee!


This is a tricky one... but I am sure insurance can be purchased the your entire wedding:

Wedding Cancellation and Liability Insurance online provided by WedSafe


I do have a term in my agreements which are if the photographer is acting in good faith the perform the job but circumstance out of his control impede the ability to shoot, then the retainer and the travel cost are not recoverable.


As only the photographer is seems to be too much risk for me to have all the liabilty. I think this is one of those things that can keep you up at night if you think abuot it too much. The risk of having a wedding 4000 miles away in a third world country does come with it chances but those of us who have destination weddings live life a bit different;-) Me included, should have seen the look on my grandmothers faces with the mexican federales search our car with machine guns in hand...grandpa had a cool story for all his friends!


Bon Chance!


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