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I'm brand NEW!!!


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I can't tell how thankful I was to stumble upon this forum! I just got engaged in Sept. '07 & we were sure we wanted to do a destination wedding...but now the "Where" & "When" is hovering over my head. I have looked on 1000 websites, but it is so hard to decide just by pictures on resorts sites, so I am thankful to now be apart of this forum to actually get personal stories, opinions, & pictures! Thank you all in advance! And any pointers are MUCH appreciated!



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welcome, Laura! let us know what you're looking for, and maybe where you and most of your guests are coming from and we can do our best to help. the where part was the hardest for many of us!


Mexico (Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Riveria Maya, etc.)



Mainland U.S. (Napa, San Diego, East Coast, etc.)




... so many options!

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Welcome to the forum & congrats on your engagement!


When picking a location keep in mind travel time -who your guests will be- and most importantly what kind of wedding experience that you want!


Their are so many ideas and different styles on this board I'm sure something will pop out at you!


If you have any questions on Jamaica, St. Lucia, Sandals or Beaches resorts feel free to pm me!


TA Dina is the resident expert on DR, Caribbean & Cruises.


Tammy all things Mexico!


We're here to help!



Have fun looking around!


Warmest Regards-

TA Jennifer

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