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Photo of your wedding site on Wedding Events/Ceremony page of website?

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I included pictures and the plan of events. It was difficult for some of our guests to commit. I wanted them to be excited for it. We weren't just dragging them down there for some 20 min ceremony then turning them loose. I wanted them to understand it was a planned event- just like a "real" wedding.


I don't know about everyone else, but it seems DW are kinda skewed in some people's eyes. It's like they think they are witnessing an elopement or something. Umm...no, these are highly orchestrated and PLANNED weddings. I think the idea of them is still relatively new, although I was shocked by how many brides are on this website! In a few years, a DW will not be considered out of the ordinary, but just another alternative to a standard wedding. But way more fun!!

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Originally Posted by carlymcmullen View Post
Rachel - you are SO right. And people think they are so cheap, like you don't still have to pay the pp fees. It's crazy the lack of understanding. Although I will say that I had no frigging clue when I decided this.
I thought it would be less expensive too before I researched everything. In the end we are saving money than having a local wedding, but only because it will be less people.
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