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Going on Vacation!!! staying at the new Grand Riviera Princess


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For anyone considering this resort I will definately take lots and lots of pics and try and get some wedding info on the place and check out the different places you could possibly get married at.


The resort did just open up grand opeing was Dec 10th and I'm sure there are tons of kinks that they still need to work outr but it doesn't bother me. This will be the 3rd brand new resort that I have stayed at within the first couple weeks of opening.


Well anywayz it looks amazing will let you guys know how it is.


So Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!!!!! and a Happy New YEAR!!! I'm out


Yay beach time

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PLEASE SHARE PHOTOS - post them when you're there if you can!

And please go swimming in the ocean and let me know how that is, as it is one of my main concerns!

And let me know what the food/drink situation is ON the beach, if you can!

My other concern is location compared with all the sites of Riviera Maya (cenotes, etc.), so if you go anywhere to snorkel or visit cenotes, etc., can you tell me how you managed to get there and price?

Also, please let me know if there are any outdoor bar/lounge areas besides the lobby!


When are you going? I'm trying to decide today or tomorrow btwn there and Barcelo Maya Palace for my guests for May '08, although I'm freaking and thinking a non-AI could be a better choice. But the non-AIs are more than this place!

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