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hahaha no that is what i have i also bought the girls their bm presents from swarovski for 130.00 they sit ontop of eachother kinda they are absolutly beatiful...dont' think im going to wear a veil maybe not a head piece either if i do it will be more like a headband i think then anything...maybe fresh flowers i really don't know yet...? arg hard choice to make...


Click the image to open in full size.


o and my girls and guys are going barefoot and im going with barefoot sandals...can't wait!!!

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Originally Posted by Robyn Mumford View Post
That is the exact dress that a bride wore this summer when I shot her wedding... and by far the nicest dress I have ever seen a bride wear..

I want one very similar some day! What are the specs? Ie... who made it?
ahh thanks i love this dress i can't wait to get it in!!! lol....it is made by Jai International #109 Jai is under Alfred Sung...lovin it perfect for a destination wedding..plus when i come back and have a reception here i can wear the underskirt...and then take it off again to dance all night long...LOL>...
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