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Elizabeth Medina - Photographer

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Originally Posted by AnnR View Post
%^#$ - I just emailed her,and she said someone else has said they're sending her a signed contract for MY date! lol That's what I get for procrastinating. Hoping it doesn't happen - but I may have to find another photographer.
Eek - I'm in this boat right now! I can't put a deposit down until later this week but have always loved EM's work, and have been talking to her about doing my wedding for awhile now. Anyways, I found out the other day that another girl is looking to book 2 days after my wedding and for travel reasons she does not think she can do both - she thinks this girls will book by the end of the week. And from reading this thread it definitely looks like things can book up right before your eyes!

Unfortunately my hands are tied money wise. I have to wait for a check that is supposed to clear on or before June 20th. I really don't want to have to start the photographer search all over again! Booooooo sad.gif

Keep your fingers crossed for me, girls!!! wink.gif cheer2.gif

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Fingers crossed for you! I booked her by the skin of my teeth too. I was traveling for work and had some logisitcal issues in getting the deposit to her. (Mainly my bank being uncooperative with Mexico.) It was very stressful and I felt much better once we had signed the contract and paid up!


Hopefully it will work out for you, too! If that other girl hasn't even chosen a wedding date yet, then that's a good sign! Good luck!

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