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Negril Wedding Questions

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Hi all. I am brand new to the forum and am already obsessed!! I posted a thread on the Newbies Page, but to make a long story short - My boyfriend and I just got back from an information gathering/mini vacation to Jamaica and have decided that we definitely want to get married there. The dilemma we were facing was the exact location for the hotel/wedding... We loved the beaches of Negril, but weren't overly thrilled with any of the resorts, and loved the resorts of Rose Hall, but thought the beaches were pretty crappy.


But I think we made our decision this morning to go to Negril...


Out of the 4 Negril resorts we toured (Beaches Negril, Beaches Sandy Bay, Riu Tropical Bay and Riu Negril), we liked Riu Negril the best (that's also where we stayed for 3 nights). We are expecting 60-75 guests, including 6 kids, and want a big enough all-inclusive so the divorced parents don't have to keep running into each other:)


The only problem with the Riu (besides the fact you have to get in line at 10am to make reservations for dinner, which we thought was a pain) is that they won't give us a party on the beach for our reception (we want a big, private reggae dance party RIGHT on the beach). So we'll have to find another location for that. I also loved the restaurant at Kuyaba so I really want to have a rehearsal/welcome dinner there too. So, my question is, with all of these off site events, do you think I should hire a wedding coordinator in Jamaica? And how much will that cost do u think??


The beach at Beaches Negril was nice and they do weddings there so I wonder if they will let us have our wedding there, even if we're not staying there...


Also, does anyone have any experience with having a beach reception in Negril? Or a rehearsal dinner at one of the local restaurants?


I am starting to stress out (and I don't even have the ring yet) hopefully by Xmas:)


I would appreciate any advice you can give.


Thanks so much!!

Toni (PhillyGal)

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Philly Gal-


Beaches won't let you have a wedding there unless your staying there- they do have a great beach and area for weddings! Plus the way they set it up it's at the end of their beach towards Couples Swept Away (where CSA dive shack is and virtually no one lays out in that area) so it's pretty private!


All beaches in Jamaica are public so there is no way to find one that's totally private. That being said Beaches is pretty strict about people walking through-more so than I observed at other properties in Negril. People are questioned when they approach and are only allowed to walk very close to the water.


TA Jennifer

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I'm getting married in Little Bay (just outside Negril), and spending my honeymoon at Sunset at the Palms and The Caves. Did you look into Sunset? I'm not sure what their policy is for weddings, but it's beautiful. If you are doing a lot of stuff off site, I would definitely consider hiring a WC. But, if you can find a resort you like that will save you from travelling around, that may also be better. My wedding is small and at a bed and breakfast, so I'm probably not a lot of help - sorry :)

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Since my wedding is also in Negril, I will keep you posted as to what i find and i let you know. I am in the same situation like you in trying to find a welcome dinner location.


If you want Kuyaba all to yourself, then to reserve the entire restaurant is $2500 and including food. The menu ranges from $7-8 for appetizers/salads, $14 - $22 for main course and $7 for desserts. Most alcoholic beverages are about $5 each.


I wanted Kuyaba, b/c they can provide a bonfire, but in order to do that, I must reserve the entire restaurant.


I heard Norma's was nice.


I will keep you posted!

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