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Montego Bay vs OR Activities?

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I am planning my DW for Jamaica - January 2009 and am still debating on which resort to go to. I previously had decided ROR (which is still a strong contender especially with all the reviews on this forum) but am concerned with the drive from the airport. Many of my guests will only be coming for 4 days so a resort at Mo Bay may be more conveinent. I am especially interested with the new Riu that hopefully is opening Sept 2008.


I have a wide age range of guests attending and would like their to be options for people to do. The older relatives will be content hanging out at the pools and what not, but our friends will be more into the excursions. Is anyone famaliar with the different options available? I plan on getting a tour book... but I think I will get more honest answeres here! Thanks!

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ah, found it!




Dunns River Falls & Park

Dunn's River Falls is one of Jamaica's national treasures and is the number one ranked tourist destination in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Tip: Cruise ships arrive on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so the falls will be packed then! Last ‘Falls Climb†begins at 4pm. Falls open at 8:30am.

Cost per person: US$15 (adult); US$12 (child)

Dunns River Falls


Chukka Cove Canopy Tour

Nine traverses, from 105 feet to 660 feet apart, have you

swinging through the Laughlands River gorge, a giant valley carved from the surrounding mountain by ancient waters (a

sparkling river still flows through it). After leaving the valley, you really fly, embarking on a series of long throws – with the last traverse being 600 feet long. Here, after removing your

equipment, you unwind from your exhilarating adventure with a walk through the flowering trees of Cranbrook. Departures are at 9am and 1pm.

Cost per person: US$88 Duration: 4 hours

Chukka Caribbean Adventures


Wilderness ATV Tours

The expedition starts at our Outpost at Reynolds Pier, and continues up on the trail into the interior where guests explore the real Jamaica. The tour continues up to Ochi's highest peak, Murphy Hill, which overlooks Ocho Rios' entire picturesque shoreline, with an incredible view of 30-40 miles of coastal landscape, 1,800 feet above sea level where guests are offered a refreshing drink. Tour times are at 9am and 1pm, and are available seven days a week. Round trip transfers are included.

Cost per person: US$59

Adventure ATV Tours: Wilderness ATV Tours, Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Chukka Cove Horseback Ride ‘n Swim

Saddle up for the 3 hour horseback ride through historic St. Ann. The tour takes you through Richmond and Llandovery, two of the oldest sugar estates on the island, with property titles

dating back to the 1660â€s and along the beachfront to Chukka Coveâ€s private beach.


Cost per person: US$76

Duration: 3 hours

Chukka Caribbean Adventures


Dolphin Cove

Swim with Dolphins, Swim with the Sharks, Interact with Stingrays (Barbs removed), Captain you own Mini-Boat or go Glass Bottom Kayaking on the Caribbean Ocean, enjoy a splash in the turquoise ocean or relax on the pearl white beach. Dolphin Cove is Jamaicaâ€s #1 Marine Attraction, where visitors are sure to have the

experience of a lifetime.


Cost per person: Varies with experience (see website for details)

Welcome to Dolphin Cove


Coyaba River Garden & Museum

Each visit to Coyaba is a new encounter with beauty, curiosity and nature. The seasons are marked by newly flowering plants and trees. The time of day by the reflection of sunlight on the water.


Take a guided tour through the garden, amidst meandering streams and ponds, climb Mahoe Falls and dip in the pool at the base of the Falls...a photographers dream, wander on your own, or dream away the hours to the roar of falling water.

Coyaba River Garden and Museum and Mahoe Waterfalls, Ocho Rios Jamaica


Bob Marley Tour (Zion Bus Line)

Our authentic Jamaican Country Bus, the “Zion Bus Lineâ€, will take you on a unique tour from Island Village in Ocho Rios to the final resting place of the King of Reggae, Bob Marley. This

pilgrimage has been specifically designed for Reggae enthusiasts and hardcore Bob Marley fans, who would like to visit the “Graceland†of Reggae. This is a Reggae experience you canâ€t miss. Limited to 25 passengers.


Cost per person: US$73

Duration: 5 hours and 30 minutes

Chukka Caribbean Adventures



**All prices are for 2007, and may change for 2008!**

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Welcome to the forum!


I tend to caution the brides I work with away from resorts during their soft openings. The resorts are still working out the kinks, there is a strong likelihood that there will be some construction still going on and the landscaping will not have had time to get established.



For a moderate resort in Mobay you may want to look into Rose Hall Resort & Country Club, Sunset (they are currently undergoing rennovations) or maybe by then the Iberostar will have it's kinks all worked out.


It looks like the others hve you covered as far as activities go!


I hope I helped!


TA Jennifer

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