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Cape May, NJ

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I know you must be very excited to be that close. I also thought of Cape May but it would be as expensive as if I got married in North Jersey, and then everyone would want to come and I wouldn't be able to have my small intimate wedding. So we ruled out Cape May after I griped about all these cons. LOL

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Originally Posted by carly View Post
Wow, Jessica, that's alot of info! Got anything like that on Brigantine? My friend (and new user quelmoffett) is looking into getting married there in the summer...
I wish I saw this A LOT sooner... but in case anyone else is looking, I live in Brigantine and I have also lived in Ocean City, NJ. And Atlantic City is like my home away from home (since I've grown up in the area). If anyone is looking for more information on any of these areas let me know! Happy planning!

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