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Already married, but want a destination wedding...


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Hi everyone.


My husband and I were married on 7/7/7 in beautiful Rice Park in St. Paul, MN.


Flickr: Photos from MiamiOfOH


We wanted a destination wedding SO BAD but decided to have it in our home town. We only did it in St. Paul because my family refused to go anywhere out of state for our wedding- how absurd is that? Anyway- I still want a destination wedding and part of our honeymoon is at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica from 30 Dec 07 - 09 Jan 08. I have to have a wedding in Cabo San Lucas- I even bought another dress that he doesn't know about! :) I'm hoping to use this site to pull something off by then, but we'll see.


All I want is something simple and short since we won't have any family there and we're already married (along with the debt that incurs- of course- so I can't be too extravagant).


Take care,


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Welcome! My husband and I were married just the 2 of us on the beach at Dreams Tulum in July. It was sooooo nice! Since it's just the two of you and you don't need a legal ceremony, you should be able to do something beautiful within your budget. Also since the basics are included, you basiclly just have to show up. Our resort changed some things around in the basic wedding package since it was just the two of us. Instead of appetizers for 20, we got a suf n turf luncheon on the beach in a private location. Good Luck with the planning!

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