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Does anyone have any info on PV Marriot CasaMagna?

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#11 LCBride2007


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    Posted 06 December 2006 - 03:09 PM

    That's not a good sign, but seems to happen somewhat frequently. If you're still really interested in this hotel, I wouldn't give up just yet. Want me to try to get more information?

    #12 amyh


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      Posted 06 December 2006 - 03:44 PM

      Thats okay. I'm thinking I'll probrably go with a full AI hotel because having an option for guests may cause confusion for me.

      I've noticed that the rates I've received from EP/AI hotels for a reception are expensive. mostly because you need to pay for open bar service. Then they offer you a discount or freebies depending on how many rooms you book.

      But it would be nice to know what the marriot offers. My parents visited the hotel a couple of years ago while they here at port during a cruise. They said it was a very nice hotel.

      #13 zoegirlTX

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        Posted 15 March 2007 - 08:45 AM

        Wanted to say that we stayed at the Marriott on our scoutting trip in June '06. I'm a big marriott fan b/c I travel for work quite a bit. The property/grounds are beautiful, but I was mostly disappointed with the hotel. Here's a review of my issues:

        -Location: it's in the Marina, which I guess it OK if you want to be in the marina, but I fell in LOVE with the South Coast once we drove there. To me, the feel of PV is the lush mountains and forests and greenery that are near Dreams, Playa Fiesta, Intercontinetal, Barcelo
        -Cost: it's not a true AI hotel and we paid a small fortune for everything there. Think over $2 for a can of coke or we'd split a $9 turkey sandwich for breakfast. Again- it might be alright for some people, but I'm too cheap
        -Rooms: the one we happened to get smelled VERY moldy/musty. I've heard many people stay there & have great rooms, but just not us. The room was decorated well, but very damp (think wet sheets, pillows, magazines/books, etc)

        Hope this helps somebody. I've got some photos & I'd be glad to answer any more questions about Marriott.
        Amanda & Humberto ~~
        ~Puerto Vallarta, MX~~

        #14 starchild



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          Posted 16 March 2007 - 05:46 AM

          Originally Posted by zoegirlTX
          Rooms: the one we happened to get smelled VERY moldy/musty. I've heard many people stay there & have great rooms, but just not us. The room was decorated well, but very damp (think wet sheets, pillows, magazines/books, etc)
          I wonder if that's just a jungle thing? Every time I've been to P.V. I've had that issue, switched rooms the first time but the next room was the same. Maybe it's because I always visit in the summer when the humidity is like 100%

          #15 zoegirlTX

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            Posted 17 March 2007 - 09:24 AM

            Hmm....maybe a summer thing. I can't really say. The rooms at Dreams in February were just fine . The room was BAD at Marriott. The lights were off when we first walked in and I thought there were fresh flowers in the room b/c of the smell, but when we turned the lights on, it was just the dampness/mustiness. We probably should have switched rooms but it was late at night and we were too tired. Some people mention it in their trip advisor reviews and some don't. The room was so damp that my vitamins started sticking together, pages in magazines stuck together, the pillows & sheets were damp. It was just gross
            Amanda & Humberto ~~
            ~Puerto Vallarta, MX~~

            #16 LCBride2007


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              Posted 17 March 2007 - 01:25 PM

              wow. i can handle humidity, but that's disgusting!

              #17 sunshine0714

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                Posted 19 June 2007 - 02:06 PM

                I am also interested in the CasaMagna Marriott in PV, but I havent gotten a response yet either...what's up with that?! I am considering the CasaMagna in Cancun also, but they dont have much availability left for May 2008 when we want to go. They have a gorgeous gazebo for the ceremony.

                #18 amyh


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                  Posted 19 June 2007 - 02:09 PM

                  Hi Susan,

                  We’ve already gone ahead and booked the Mayan Palace which is about two hotels away, between Melia and the Westin. I had family who stayed at the Marriott and said it was really nice. FYI, the Mayan does not require you nor your guests to stay at their hotel.

                  Anny (anacgarcia) is having her ceremony at the Marriott in Cancun. It does look beautiful.

                  Good luck!

                  #19 SarahL

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                    Posted 14 September 2007 - 12:32 AM


                    We got engaged in April 2007, and by the end of the month I was trying to email Patricia Haro, who was listed on their website as the wedding coordinator. After three unanswered emails, I called. I found out that she was no longer working there.

                    They put me in touch with Marcela Tellez, who was new. I called her, she answered some questions and promised to email me. A week later, nothing. By this point (late May) I was basically decided on Las Caletas for the wedding, but I still wanted to get a room block and have a small welcome party on the night before the wedding. I called again, and Marcela sent me a proposal for a COURTESY room block, including a free upgrade to a suite for the bride and groom, drinks for guests upon arrival, and free use of the space for a wedding reception (we were going to use this for a small informal welcome party instead). I was traveling when I received this contract, but we decided that we would go for it. When we got back from our trip, I threw my back out and spent two days in the hospital. My contract proposal expired while I was in the hospital. When I got out and tried to contact Marcela, I found out that she no longer worked there.

                    I called the international help line in the states, and talked several times with a lovely woman named Debi Cannon, who was extremely helpful, but couldn't give me a contract. She answered a lot of my questions, and tried to get me in touch with someone named Norah. Apparently Norah also no longer worked there. Finally, Debi passed me to Valeria in late July.

                    Valeria sent me a proposal for the "informal welcome party" I asked for that cost more than the entire wedding for 80 people at Las Caletas. I emailed and explained more clearly what we wanted, and found out that Valeria no longer worked there. I was passed to Rosario at the end of August.

                    Rosario sent me a new contract last weekend. Not only was this no longer a COURTESY room block... they now wanted a $10,000 deposit for the 40 rooms we requested for 3 nights. Also, the new contract said nothing about the welcome party, the upgrade to a suite for the bride and groom, drinks for guests, or any of the nice perks that came with the original contract. To top it off, the contract had the name of a different bride in four different places.

                    I emailed Rosario about my concerns and got a reply that she will be on vacation until September 24. We want to send out our save-the-dates this weekend, so that won't work for us. I emailed her supervisor, Norma Ramirez.

                    Norma would not return my emails, so I called. I called five times on Tuesday, and every time I called I was told that she was in a short meeting but that she would call me as soon as the meeting was over. Finally, my fiance called. They didn't recognize his name so they put Norma right on the phone. Then when he said that he was my fiance, he said that he could hear her get uncomfortable.

                    Norma and I talked. I thought we had the details ironed out. She said that she would send the new contract that day (Tuesday). Wednesday morning I emailed to ask where it was, and she said it was "stuck in her out box." Today (Thursday) I called and was told that all email and faxes were not working.

                    Tonight I got the new contract. For a $3000 deposit, our guests get a $19 per night discount on rooms - and they have to be booked by December 15 or they release the room block (45 days before the wedding). No upgrades for the bride and groom. No party space. No drinks. No perks at all. If we don't have at least 18 rooms booked, we lose the deposit. If the wedding gets cancelled, we have to pay for the FULL block... 30 rooms x 3 nights = $20,000. It even said in the contract that if they had to take us to court for that, we would have to pay the court costs. Why the heck would I sign a contract like that? Some of my guests already made reservations through travel agents, and got better deals than what I was offered for the room block.

                    We're going to stay at the Marriott... only for the beds and the credit card points (hoping to pay for a future vacation)... but I would NOT recommend working with the Marriott for your wedding or for a room block. They are totally disorganized and overpriced. In the last five months I was passed off from Patricia to Marcela, Debi, Valeria, Rosario, and Norma... SIX people in five months, and in the end the contract is not at ALL what we want, so we're scrapping it. Our guests will just have to make reservations on their own. My advice... whatever you do, DON'T GET MARRIED AT THE MARRIOTT IN PV!!!

                    - Sarah
                    Roberto and Sarah
                    February 22, 2008

                    #20 hsrose14

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                      Posted 20 September 2007 - 06:36 PM

                      Wow what a horror story. Did anyone ever honeymoon here? We are all set up to but now I'm scared!

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