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Fedexing payment to Mexico

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Maybe a stupid question, but for my wedding site, they are requesting the deposit via Fed Ex, but on the fed ex forms for international fed ex, they require Tax Id number and declaration of contents for customs - which seems weird (and scary) for a check! Is this normal or am I using the wrong form? Has anyone send a Fed Ex envelope with a check in it to Mexico?

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yeah....i'd call your place and see if they'll accept a credit card/debit card over the phone... FedEx is also known to be not-so-reliable in Mexico...



plus you can do what i did and use your miles credit card! woot.gif

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I just fedexed documents to japan. I had to print off 3 customs forms to put in the flap. I said $1 for the value. All the stuff we fedex doesn't really have a value, so the standard is to say $1. I wouldn't know what do do about a check though.


I'd first try to get a different payment method.

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