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Who to invite?

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Hi everyone.... I am looking for some advice!


I am in the process of ordering my STDs and now have to confront the issue of who to invite. We honestly don't really care who all comes... we feel the more the merrier... however we are having issues where to draw the line.


(A little background...) My fiance and I are both Pharmacy students, in the same class of 50 students. We know everyone in the class and most of the class knows that we are thinking a DW... friends in my fraternity have already started commenting that it would make a great trip. We are obviously closer with some than others... but I am afraid that if we invite those that we are closer to, the others (who will hear the plans) will get upset... Stupid I know, but the fiance and I are stuck in what we should do.


Anyone else with similar invite issue or any advice in general on how you handled the guest listhuh.gif Thanks!

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Very stuck to a very strict budget (ie paying for it ourselves) therefore we made it known that we were keeping our guest list small and invited close family and friends only. We didn't invite co-workers that I see every day and none of them seemed to mind. For us the whole point of a destination wedding was to spend quality time with our closest supporters.


On a side note, we didn't invite anyone that wasn't invited to the wedding to our engagement party/shower/bachelorette.. I didn't want it to seem like their invite was a for a gift only.


I say take a good look at your budget before sending those cards out to 2nd cousins and people who you don't necessarily love.. it gets expensive and all ads up.

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We knew we wanted a small wedding because we wanted it to be as intimate as possible. Seriously we were shooting for 15 and got 35...go figure. If we wanted 50 we probably would have had 15...lol


Odds are everyone you invite won't go. It sounds great until the money is due or they need to schedule time off work/school, that's when some people get real and drop off. BUT they could always call your bluff and come, so if you're prepared for that and you don't mind, why not?

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