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Besides an evite, how cheap can I do my invitations for? I just want a really simple flat invitation. I'd like something a little beachy on it.




My invites are done! Thanks to everyone who helped me make them!


Here is what I spent:


$42 80 invites + 100 postcard inserts (vistaprint)

$3 140 return address labels (vistaprint)

$17 100 Astrobrites Lunar blue #10 envelopes (envelopesexpress.com)

$10 card stock (AC Moore, but I recommend getting astrobrites cardstock at an office store instead)

$72- total


Cost per invitation= 90 cents


I’ll spend about $30 on stamps.


I planned to spend less, but I’m happy with the price. I had fun making them & I’m excited to send them to my guests. I didn’t plan on getting $17 envelopes, but I really wanted them to match my paper. The invites also came with envelopes, but they didn’t fit once I added the card stock. They were also cheap looking.


I have a lot of card stock leftover to use for my program fans. So really, the total cost is a little less. I also have enough envelopes to mail my pre-wedding letters.


Out of the 80 invites I ordered, only one was printed poorly.


Two friends re going to calligraphy the addresses next weekend & then they ship out!


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

morgan's invites.ppt

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If you read through the whole thread, you can see the entire creative process that went into making these. If you just want the short version, here it is:


I attached a powerpoint file template. Instruction for how to get it from a powerpoint file to a picture are in the notes section of the file.


The fonts are attached on page 4 of this thread. The quote is in papyrus, which is probably already on your computer.


I ordered these from vistaprint.com. Make sure to get a coupon. Going through this link www.vistaprint.com/minicatalog will get you a cheap price.



morgan's template to share.ppt

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i don't see why you can't make them on regular cardstock...you can also print them on specialty paper, or vellum...we did ours and printed on parchment and vellum and attached with eyelets...they looked pretty professional...

go for it, try out a few different ideas - and if you don't like them, then order them!

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you know I made all my invites and I had to send out tons, but they have those sets you can print on for like $30 at Target, but I have some that I never used if you want to buy them off me, I bought them on clearance, they are really simple white cards with a silver/pearlized scroll around them. I will try to take some pics of them if you want.

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i used vistaprint for my invites because i wanted super cheap ones. i just googled something like "free vistaprint invitations" or something and found coupon links to get them for free. they turned out cute. i got them done n the linen paper for an extra $5, but it still didn't cost much money.


the only thing was that there was a vistaprint logo on back, but i glued ribbon around the invite to tie the invitations with, so it worked!

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I hear you, if it's not important to you don't waste the money. You could always get plain ones and jazz them up with stamps like you said. Ebay probably will save you money, I found these too:













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