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Great online money organizer!!


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I just read about this in Money Magazine. I have started setting up an account today & already love it!




You enter all your bank & credit card info into this site & it keeps it all organized for you. With one click you can see your networth. It can also keep track of cash back rewards, airline miles, and so much more. I have so many online banks that it can be a pain to keep up with them all. This will really help.


You do have to give them a lot of personal info (bank account passwords, etc) but it's a legit site. It was in this month's money magazine.


Here is a link to the article:

Best money Web sites Your financial life: Track it. - Dec. 4, 2007


Here is a quote "The most effective site has actually been around for years. Yodlee MoneyCenter (Moneycenter.yodlee.com) lets you upload your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, loans, investments and even frequent-flier accounts into its system. Then a click of a button will show a net-worth statement that considers all assets and debts - and can even factor in home values.


As for your data's safety, know that Yodlee is what powers major banks' online products."

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well, you'd have to enter your passwords so it can log you in and pull your balances. otherwise the site wouldn't be able to know that info! sounds pretty cool.


FYI - I'm pretty sure that ".com" is any commercial website really, ".gov" is usually reserved for government sites and ".org" is usually for not-for-profit agencies - so you can't just sign up to use any of those extensions. there are many legit ".com" websites out there!

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It is as safe as any online bank, which I already use a lot of. There are always risks so it is a good idea to research it. I read quite a bit before deciding to use it.


Here is some info about the security


From yahoo money

"Safety, security, and privacy

Yodlee is the dominant player in this industry, and the company says it is fanatical about security. All data are encrypted and stored on computers in a building at an undisclosed address. To get into the data center, employees have to go through several identity checks, including a hand scan.


Yodlee promises that it won't share personally identifiable information with third parties. On the other hand, if you sign up for aggregation service through your bank's Web site, Yodlee says it can't control what the bank does with any information it gleans. You'll have to check your bank's privacy policy."


Sounds secure, but if hackers were to target something, a website with a collection of accounts would be a good thing to target.


I can also see how this will protect you. You can really stay on top of everything, so you are more likely to notice if something has happened with an account. I have some credit cards I don't use, but they are still open. A website like this will help me keep track to make sure no one found a way to use them.

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I concur! It sounds like a really really useful tool for those of us that tend to forget when credit card bills are due sad.gif Although, I am definitely a little weary of keeping ALL my account information in one place. I mean, I always use online banking, but what are the odds that all the different sites get hacked, you know? This way, all my stuff is in one place... makes me a little nervous

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