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Official seal from State of HA for officiant?


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Hi HA brides, has anyone used, or know of someone who has used, their own officiant in Hawaii? Doug's brother is getting ordained on the internet (ha!) to marry us. We know for Hawaii to recognize this legal marriage he needs to get some sort of seal or something that says Hawaii approves of him doing this. Does anyone know what this seal is called and how he can obtain one? Thanks in advance :)

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For anyone who needs to know:

Once your "person" gets "officiated" (we just went online to Universal Life Church ULC Ordinations.org - Free Online ordinations) you need to order a letter of good standing from ulc (or wherever they got ordained) and then have your officient contact 808-586-4540 in HA. The person that answers will give them the info they need. Basically, HA will snail-mail your officient the application they need to fill out in order to be commissioned to perform a ceremony in HA. Your officient will send in this app along with their letter of good standing, and in return HA will mail them a license stating they are commissioned. The application and license are free, but the letter of good standing was like $10.95 or something thru ULC.

OK, hope this helps someone!

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So does anyone know for sure if to get the official seal you can just post the form in (we are in Australia) prior to the wedding?? If anyone has done this some feedback would be great.


I emailed the relevant authority and they couldn't help at all.

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